Review: Marvel’s Daredevil 306 – The Devil You Know

Marvel’s Daredevil

Marvel’s Daredevil 306 – The Devil You Know

Sometimes the biggest demon a person has to face is themselves. The Devil You Know explores this in detail beginning with the internal reckoning Karen now faces after baring her soul to Foggy. She’s not alone when it comes to self-analysis of the scorched earth variety though and when Matt shows up at her apartment the two finally have a chance to reconnect and air their grievances.

It’s Agent Pointdexter’s turn to cold sweat his way through a sleepless night. Haunted by his eerie date with Julie, instead of turning to the bottle for comfort, Pointdexter reaches into the past and listens to old sessions on tape conducted by his late therapist. His mental strain begins to become evident to his colleagues and opens the pathway for him to be delivered to Fisk’s doorstep.

With everyone else scrambling to find a patch of stable ground under their feet only Wilson Fisk appears to have found some balance. With his bland hotel dwelling looking more and more like a home Fisk, decked out in his comic book signature white diner jacket struts about his castle in the sky like a king.

The Nelson/Page/Murdock dynamic continues its bumpy metamorphosis. Foggy and Karen struggle with how to maintain their allegiance to Matt while protecting themselves and the ones they love. Foggy offers some sound advice and Karen who is still mulling over a request from Matt, takes it begrudgingly.

Fisk’s game of subterfuge begins to come to the surface thanks to a multipronged attack by Karen, Foggy and Matt. The FBI refuses to believe that their golden goose could be laying counterfeit eggs, but Nadeem’s instincts won’t allow him to completely agree with his employers. When Fisk’s master move and hidden chess piece finally comes into view it sets up a brutal showdown that viewers have been waiting for and rewards long-time fans of the Daredevil comics.

Indeed, it is the devil we know – on several fronts – and we are more than happy to have met them all.