PlayStation Introduces New PS5 Mutliplayer Invite


PlayStation Introduces a New Way to Invite PS5 Players Into Multiplayer Sessions

Today, PlayStation shared that in the coming months, the company will introduce the ability for players to generate a shareable link on their PS5 console or on the PlayStation App, and send it over to other PS5 players through any messaging or social media platform. By opening the link, the recipient will be able to hop into a multiplayer session even if they aren’t already friends with them on PlayStation Network.

The feature is designed to complement existing methods of joining a session from within a PS5 game and is consistent for any supported PS5 game. As this is a new technology, a small percentage of PS5 games may require an update to ensure the session joins will work seamlessly.

In addition, PlayStation has developed a unique widget for PS5 session invites shared in Discord. The widget dynamically refreshes to show the multiplayer session status, so that players know if the session is still active before they join.

For more information, please follow this link to the PlayStation blog.