Shout Factory Releases Jackie Chan Collection Volume 2


For those that think of either amazing stunts or wonderful martial arts films there is only one name that comes to mind.

Jackie Chan.

There has been no one better than him and some of his films are absolute masterpieces. Not to mention that most of the action sequences in these films were done by him. There have been times where he nearly has died on the set of some of his films. The folks over at Shout factory have released a special edition Blu-ray collecting his films from 1983-1993. But are these movies worth watching or can they be skipped?

The first thing you notice about all these films is that they are all remastered in either 2k or 4k format and they look gorgeous. These were remastered from the original film and it shows and you think in a boxed set like this you would get some just filler movies and nothing good right?


All of these films are amazing and they include Winners and Sinners, Wheels on Meals, Armour of God I and II , Crime Story and of course the iconic City Hunter. Reason that City Hunter was so famous is it came out around the time of Street Fighter II and there is actually a scene that brings those characters to life (including Jackie Chan as Chun-Li!) Also Wheels on Meals is a film that needs to be watched because it pairs Jackie with the amazing Sammo Hung and they play well off of each other.

Each of these films has amazing sound in both DTS and Dolby 5.1 Digital sound not just in English but in Mandarin and Cantonese as well! And you’d think it just stops there but it actually doesn’t because each of these films are chock full of special features including alternate endings, outtakes, interviews, trailers and of course commentaries.

This is a must have for the Jackie Chan fan in your life as these are some of the most famous films that he’s known for and the price is a steal for all that is jam packed in this collection!

So if you are a new fan of the Chan or have seen every film since the beginning you need to check out this great collection. For more information on this and other great collections visit and get ready to get your kicks!

5 out of 5