M3GAN Shows That the Future Can Be Dangerous


When a parent loses a child it can be devastating however, when a young child loses both parents it can be life-changing. How will the young person cope with this loss? Will they be able to have a normal life? This is the setting of the latest movie from Universal Pictures entitled M3GAN.

Gemma works for a toy company as she wants to make something that will change young people’s lives. However, she is plagued by the pressures of work and is secretly working on something that is not a simple toy but a robotic companion. As she is working Gemma gets a call as her sister and husband have perished in an automobile crash. The only survivor is the young eight year old Cady who is having a hard time coming to grips with being alone in this world. Gemma becomes a willing caretaker of the child as there is no one else close or qualified to take care of her.

Bringing Cady back home she introduces her to a world of technology and the prototype M3GAN. They start to bond with one another however, things start to go wrong as this machine starts to act and think for itself. Will Gemma and Cady be able to survive her antics or will they both wind up on the cutting room floor. M3GAN is an amazing film that needs to be watched as it takes some of the tired tropes from older movies like Deadly Friend or even Chopping Mall and makes them new and fresh again. It is no wonder that this movie obtained a 95% score on Rotten Tomatoes as this film gets better whether your watching it for the first time or the hundred and first.

There are a few extras on the disc that make this film enjoyable even after the credits have rolled:

A New Vision of Horror – This shows how the filmmakers and cast came up with the idea behind M3GAN and shows behind the scenes from how it became a concept to its reality. Some of the people interviewed are Jason Blum, Allison Williams and even the legendary James Wan are covered in this bonus feature.

Bringing life to M3GAN – This short covers how M3GAN was brought to life by using a combination of puppets, animatronics and even how the actor Annie Donald who is an aspiring twelve year old actor did most of her own stunts during the film.

Getting Hacked – A behind the scenes look on how some of the gory deaths were filmed and going into detail on how these shots were broken down and the steps taken to achieve these effects.

So whether you have seen the film before or you want to experience it for the first time go and pick up M3GAN and for more great films go to https://www.universalpictures.com/ and get ready to make a new friend.

5 out of 5 stars