The last Saturday of November had this super-special event tie into Black Friday. It’s the first annual and I’m sure there’ll be more to come. This initiative took place not only in North America but the UK as well, specifically Jolly Old England!! In relation to my home turf, Gotham Central was only one of eight stores in all of Canada qualified to participate. How crazy is that??

LCSD 2015 unboxing books

LCSD’s website mentions over 385 participants. The bulk would be the US but the fact that there were some across the pond bridges the geographical gap a wee bit more.

Twenty-one titles were offered overall: fourteen regular-sized books, two treasury-sized editions, three hardcovers, one artists’ edition line set, and one ultra-exclusive secret box set. I was really hoping for DARK KNIGHT III: the MASTER RACE. *sigh* Print runs were so limited that in some cases only 500 copies of certain titles were produced. The majority no higher than 3,000.


DARK KNIGHT III MASTER RACE #1 LCSD editionI don’t need a particular reason to hit my local shop. I drop in at least one day a week officially. Other times, when I indulge on a whim. The owner had The Fellowship of the Nine in attendance. Even though I’m making an LOTR allusion I’m referring to: RB White! Mark Bertolini! Mike Rooth! Stephany Lein! Christopher Yao! The Spent Pencils: Hugh Rockwood! Vince Sunico! Oliver Castañeda! Arnold Trinidad!

Nick Lukic, collaborator with Vince Sunico, was also hanging out as were two other tag-alongs/members that were simply visiting: Dave Edwards and Tony Kwan! Also, a casual walk-in by Maddsketch!

RB White makes a three-peat this year. I had arranged for him to commission a blank sketch variant. The end result was Harley Quinn. I follow his art page on Facebook. I was smitten by the detailed work. He was kind enough to offer his latest sketchbook titled POISON HEART. It’s a guarantee I’ll see him again in the near future.

IMG_4669IMG_4690IMG_4691Mark Bertolini is a prolific writer. Aside from his creator-owned work, he penned a story for the second issue of the first OXYMORON mini-series!! The man can draw like something fierce!!

IMG_4641IMG_4642IMG_4643Mike Rooth, Mr. Uncouth, as he labels himself, is a rising star. He’s also a major fave in the GTA (Greater Toronto Area). Several individuals throw punches to have him visit their stores or conventions. The man furiously uses his hands while conversing. Those appendages aren’t just for art!!

IMG_4672IMG_4673Stephany Lein was the only female in the bunch!! She earns five gold stars. I first met this truly independent artist at MCX back in September. She was sporting a Wonder Woman tank top that had me drooling non-stop. She truly is a wonder as she’s a working mother and takes on all the tasks: writing, pencilling, inking, colouring. I will wait until she releases her first title to formally interview her.

IMG_4668IMG_4664IMG_4666Christopher Yao is an entrepreneurial genius!! He is part of the Canadian Superheroes group on Facebook having collaborated with numerous Torontonian creators. Plus, he has his own publishing company!! He was rocking a cool baseball cap. I was seriously tempted to snatch it from him. His best piece was DC’s Big Three as wuvable and precocious tots.

IMG_4694IMG_4695IMG_4698Artists assemble!! Spent Pencils is a group I know well and have mentioned on more than one occasion. Due to their swelling size, they divvy up their appearances at events. It’s unfortunate that I can’t witness all 30 in one setting. That number is too high and impractical for the given situations. Nevertheless, each of the main artists indulged customers with free sketches, conversed comics like crazy, and even gave tips to aspiring individuals.

Hugh Rockwood:

IMG_4635IMG_4638IMG_4640Vince Sunico:


Arnold Trinidad:


Oliver Castañeda:


Nick Lukic is Vince Sunico’s collaborator. The two have been furiously focusing on their upcoming series LOATHE. Nick has the special distinction of also working at Gotham Central. I love our weekly chats on NCBD as he helps me determine which books to review. That duo will be hitting my radar upon release of their project.


IMG_4676Dave Edwards is a laugh-a-minute guy. Literally!! He’d chortle at any iota from various topics. Better yet, he had the entire circle of artists and customers howling at his silliness. Tony Kwan is also part of this greater collective. He was there to chat with this buddies.

IMG_4734Madd Sketch was hamming it up especially when he was browsing through the bargain back issue bins. He loves posing for the camera. Yuck yuck yuck. He has recently released an anthology of his work thus far.

IMG_4724IMG_4725IMG_4738Sales were going through the roof!! Transactions were non-stop at the till. One could not pass up on the deals. Plus, every customer received a blank board for a free sketch. The grand prize was the ALL-NEW WOLVERINE #1 sketch variant. That baby was extremely limited. BOO 🙁

ALL-NEW WOLVERINE #1 LCSD editionI spent the entire day there. I provided major assistance and chit-chatted continuously with several people. I was hoping that LCSD would have provided free books just like FCBD and HCF but no such luck. Now, I may have to resort to online shopping or begging for those harder-to-find gems.

This event was organized and overseen by ComicsPRO. Here’s to bigger and better next year. Black Friday be damned >_<

ComicsPRO logoI encourage you all to drop by Gotham Central any day of the year (except Mondays)!! 😉

Gotham Central logoGotham Central ad 2015 feat. Deadpool


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