Deadpool Day at Gotham Central

Last Saturday (Feb. 13th), the black-and-red clad Regenerate Degenerate burst his way through my super wickedly awesome local comic shop. He brought the missus to keep him in line. NOT!! Hilarity, hijinx, and hugs knew no bounds!!!



It was no coincidence nor accident that this event was planned one day after the official release of the most successful R-rated/super-hero related/February-opening flick!! There were several products honouring Wade Wilson, proudly avering his homegrown homicidal funnyman status. SPOILER: DP proudly states in his motion pic that he hails from Regina, Saskatchewan making him proudly Canadian 🙂


There’s no questioning that Mr. Pool was the main attraction. He went to great lengths to upstage his missus. She took it all in stride, being more than used to his annoying antics. Fans of all ages lined up for free professional photos on a comfy couch that had no connections to shady casting >_^ One could be solely with DP, with his sober serious spouse, family shots, etc. The owner and proprietor Carlos Camara was beyond generous in gifting these high-quality snapshots to the customers. The master picture taker was Riad Suchit.


There were prizes drawn every hour ranging from comic books to Funko POP! figures to the ultimate prize: a Kotobukiya statue of DP in his X-Force stealth uniform. Free prints were given to those who correctly answered trivia on the Merc with a Mouth. Questions started easily then increased in difficulty then returned to fairness. Several products were for sale and they were snatched up by eager consumers.


Aligning with this event, a full contingent of artists were present:

Mike RoothIMG_5087

RB WhiteIMG_5068

Andrew ThomasIMG_4471

Madd SketchIMG_5066

Rodolfo José AlejandroIMG_4497

and several Spent Pencils members: Micheala ClairIMG_4498

Dave EdwardsIMG_5093

Lidia Meija-FigliomeniIMG_5088

Gemal PlummerIMG_5097

Georgina PoularakisIMG_5078

Hugh RookwoodIMG_4467

Also, for the very first time, the lovely and enchanting Monstresss.IMG_5022

That makes up a dirty dozen 😉 Each had ample amounts of Deadpool-related sketches and prints. Clever ^_<


My publisher spent a few hours there chatting up with some of the artists and acquaintances.

I could not pass up on the fun nor would I dream of depriving myself from such a thing. I was quite enrapt by DP. He was super-friendly and left chuckles with the nonsense coming out of his main orifice.IMG_4506IMG_5037IMG_5077

There’ll be another major promo slated for next month. Three guesses as to what it is. HINT: the number three is key ^_^

Gotham Central ad 2015 feat. Deadpool


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