Current Comic Book Publishers from Z-A – entry #7


And on the seventh day, there were fourteen more publishers. The ticking of the clock doesn’t slow down as one gets older! At any rate, my relentless investigation turned up some unexpected results.

I want to continue to emphasize that I am only listing publishers found within the monthly PREVIEWS catalog, a gateway into Diamond Comic Distributors, Inc. The learning process never ends. I’d love to receive feedback and see any necessary additions.

Taschen logoEstablished: 1980 (the original Taschen)

Official Name: Taschen America L.L.C.

Place of Origin: Cologne, Germany (the original Taschen)

Distinction: Taschen has been a noteworthy force in making lesser-seen art available to mainstream bookstores, including some fetishistic imagery, queer art, historical erotica, pornography and adult magazines (including multiple books with Playboy magazine). Taschen has helped bring this art into broader public view, by publishing these potentially controversial volumes alongside its more mainstream books of comics reprints, art photography, painting, design, fashion, advertising history, film, and architecture[1]. Taschen’s publications are available in a variety of sizes, from large tomes detailing the complete works of Leonardo da Vinci, to their “Icons” series of small, flexicover volumes which encapsulate themes of everything from old ads of Las Vegas, Nevada to male nudes. The company has also produced calendars, address books, and postcards of popular subjects[2].

Operations: Benedikt Taschen, founder (the original Taschen)

Output: 75 Years of Marvel Comics; The Bronze Age of DC Comics; The Golden Age of DC Comics; The Silver Age of DC Comics; The Little Book of Batman; The Little Book of Superman; The Little Book of Wonder Woman  

Branches: Beverly Hills, CA; Dallas, TX; Los Angeles, CA; Miami, FL; New York; NY (USA locations)

Social Media: @taschen; Facebook ; ;

Multi-Media: N/A

Ten Speed Press logoEstablished: 1971

Official Name: Ten Speed Press

Place of Origin: Berkeley, CA

Distinction: Ten Speed started with Anybody’s Bike Book which is still in print and became the book that inspired the company’s name and went on to sell more than a million copies. Ten Speed’s all-time best-seller is What Color is Your Parachute? A Practical Manual for Job-Hunters and Career-Changers by Richard N. Bolles which was first published in 1972 and as of 2009 has sold more than ten million copies and exists in 20 languages[3]. In addition to these two books, Ten Speed has published a number of other titles, including Moosewood Cookbook, White Trash Cooking, Why Cats Paint, The Bread Baker’s Apprentice, Vegetable Literacy, Yotam Ottolenghi’s Jerusalem, Franklin Barbecue, and The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up. The books are usually colorfully designed and sometimes come in odd shapes to match their whimsical subjects. Ten Speed Press currently publishes 150 books a year under all of its imprints[4].

Operations: In 1983, Ten Speed acquired Celestial Arts, a New Age book publisher[5]. In 2002, the company acquired Crossing Press, a publisher specializing in metaphysics, alternative lifestyles, and healing.

Output: Various

Branches: Ten Speed Press itself was bought by Random House in February 2009 and is now part of their Crown Publishing Group division. Before the takeover it published under its four imprints, Ten Speed Press, Celestial Arts, Crossing Press, and Tricycle Press, more than 100 new hardcovers and trade paperbacks annually and had a backlist of more than 1,000 active titles[6].

Social Media: @TenSpeedPress ; Facebook ;

Multi-Media: N/A

Th3rd World Studios logoEstablished: 2006

Official Name: Th3rd World Studios

Place of Origin: Gaithersburg, MD

Distinction: Th3rd World Studios ( is a print and digital publishing house specializing in the development of high-quality original and adapted properties such as The Intrepid Escapegoat, SuperFogeys, Legend of Bill, Holiday Wars, the new, breakout, all-ages fantasy Finding Gossamyr, and the acclaimed New York Times bestselling original series, The Stuff of Legend[7].

Th3rd World Studios continues to stress quality over quantity, limiting the total number of titles per year in favor of a very careful and nurturing development process[8].

Operations: Jon Conkling, Michael Devito (publishers); Justin Robinson (EIC)

Output: Finding Gossamyr; The Mortal Instruments; The Stuff of Legend; Thanatos Diver

Branches: N/A

Social Media: @Th3rdWorld ; Facebook ;

Multi-Media: Webcomics; T-shirts

Think Alike Productions logoEstablished: 2011

Official Name: Think Alike Productions

Place of Origin: Miami, FL

Distinction: Think Alike Productions is an independent publishing house whose primary goal is to give creators like us the opportunity to distribute their work while bringing exciting new content to the indie comic book scene. We are striving to bring a new level of artistic talent to the industry and are committed to providing readers with completely new experiences. We are dedicated to continuing to create awareness and appreciation for independent comics and strive to make a lasting contribution to the comic book culture phenomenon in the twenty first century[9].

Operations: Bethany Romero (President & Co-Founder), Ruben Romero (CCO & Co-Founder), Roger Cabrera (VP, Submissions Director, Co-Founder), Benjamin Charbit (Chairman of the Board & Business Development Director)

Output: The Agency; Max Hunter; Prey for Angels; Salvagers; Sekur

Branches: N/A

Social Media: @thinkalikeproductions ; Facebook ; ;

Multi-Media: N/A

Tinto Press logoEstablished: Unknown

Official Name: Tinto Press LLC

Place of Origin: Denver, CO

Distinction: We are a boutique publisher of graphic novels, sequential art and minicomics. We are also a distribution point for existing work. Our goal is to publish great stories and art with the utmost attention to quality of content and design. We are also interested in partnering with talented artists/writers in the creation and marketing of exceptional work[10].

Operations: Ted Intorcio ;

Output: Homesick; I’m Zonin’: the Fourth Collection of Spinadoodles; Weekend Alone; Weekend for Two

Branches: Lonnie Allen, Leila Del Ducca, Sam Spina, Noah Van Sciver, Steve Shreve, scorpioStamp, Jason Walz,

Social Media: @T_Into ; Facebook ; ;

Multi-Media: N/A

Titan Books logo - verticalEstablished: 1981

Official Name: Titan Books

Place of Origin: Bankside, London, UK

Distinction: Titan Books is a publisher of film, video game and TV tie-in books. As of 2011, the company publishes on average 30 to 40 such titles per year, across a range of formats from “making of” books to screenplays to TV companions and novels, and has a backlist reprint programme[11].

A more detailed and accurate description is on their official site[12].

Operations: Nick Landau (Managing Director), Vivan Cheung Landau, Katy Wild

Output: Titan Books also publishes trade paperbacks and graphic novels in the UK and United States. The company has a backlist of over 1,000 graphic novels. Its titles include such licensed characters and properties as Batman, Doctor Who, Heroes, Nemi, Superman, 2000AD, the Vertigo comic-book title Sandman, The Simpsons, Star Wars, Tank Girl, The Real Ghostbusters, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Transformers, The Walking Dead, Roy of the Rovers, WWE Heroes and World of Warcraft. Titan Books’ range of fiction includes novelisations of such films as Terminator Salvation, Iron Man, The X-Files: I Want to Believe, and The Dark Knight Rises[13].

Titan also publishes coffee table books on animation, popular culture, collectibles and comic and fantasy art[14].

Current Titles: Assassin’s Creed vol. 6: Leila; James Bond: the Spectre Comic Strips; Modesty Blaise vol. 27: Ripper Jax

Upcoming Products: Arrow: Vengeance; Elementary: Blood and Ink; Deus Ex: Black Light; Supernatural: Cold Fire

Branches: US locations

Social Media: @TitanBooks ; Facebook

Multi-Media: Magazines; Merchandise

Titan Comics logoEstablished: 1981

Official Name: Titan Comics

Place of Origin: Bankside, London, UK

Distinction: Titan Comics is a bold new publishing initiative from Titan Publishing, offering readers the best new stories from new and established comics creators – and offering those creators a great deal to bring their stories to a worldwide audience! From editorial to design, Titan Comics helps creators shape their ideas into the best comics possible – while they retain full rights over their creations and intellectual property. Combining unique voices and idiosyncratic visions with strong marketing and a trusted brand, Titan Comics is the ultimate expression of our extensive editorial, design and sales experience[15].

Operations: Combining unique voices and idiosyncratic visions with strong marketing and a trusted brand, Titan Comics is the ultimate expression of our extensive editorial, design and sales experience[16].

Output: As well as all-new monthly comics titles, Titan Comics continues to restore and reprint the best classic comics, bringing back seminal titles of yesterday in deluxe and lovingly-produced volumes. Titan’s comic titles and collections are distributed to the Direct Market by Diamond, with our collected editions distributed to the book trade by Random House[17].

Current Titles: 21st Century Tank Girl; Assassin’s Creed: Assassins; The Blacklist; Bloodthirsty; Doctor Who; Heroes: Vengeance; Johnny Red; Kung Fu Panda; Rivers of London; The Troop

Branches: Titan Publishing has been a purveyor of comics, graphic novels, fiction and licensed publishing for over thirty years[18].

Since 1981, we have been instrumental in the field of licensed film and television properties, including The Walking Dead, Star Wars, Transformers and Star Trek, as well as creator-owned successes such as Tank Girl and Lenore – but now is the time to nurture a new generation of creators, characters and properties[19].

Social Media: @ComicsTitan ; Facebook ;

Multi-Media: Titan Publishing

Titmouse Inc. logo - newEstablished: 2000

Official Name: Titmouse Inc.

Place of Origin: Los Angeles, CA

Distinction: Titmouse, Inc. is an American animation studio that develops and produces animated television programming, feature films, music videos, title sequences, commercials and short films. The studio opened in 2000, and has offices in Los Angeles, New York City and Vancouver[20].

Much more interesting and exact information is on the official website[21].

Operations: Chris Prynoski (President, Owner), Shannon Prynoski (VP, Owner), Antonio Canobbio (CCO), Ben Kalina (VP & Supervising Producer), Juno Lee (Officer), Mike Roush (Officer)

Output: Motorcity for Disney XD, Metalocalypse, China, IL, Superjail! and Black Dynamite for Adult Swim

Current Title: Titmouse volume 1


Social Media: @TimouseInc ; Facebook

Multi-Media: Cartoons, short films, video games cinematics

TJ Comics logoEstablished: 2009

Official Name: TJ Comics

Place of Origin: Unknown

Distinction: TJ Comics is an award-winning independent creation house specializing in original and creator-owned content across various mediums. While our primary focus is on comics and graphic novels, our purpose is to help creators tell great stories that inspire audiences of all ages.TJ Comics is also full production studio that specializes in creative writing, screenplays, graphic design, pre-press operations, book design and more[22].

Operations: Unknown

Output: The Argonauts; ExtraOrdinary; Mack Turner: Slayer of the Dead; Monster-Hunting Dummy; Patriot-1; Steel Creek

Branches: N/A

Social Media: @TJComics ; Facebook ; YouTube

Multi-Media: N/A

Tool Publications really Kinetic Press logoEstablished: 2011

Official Name: Tool Publications [renamed Kinetic Press]

Place of Origin: Birmingham, MI

Distinction: Titles from Kinetic Press appear under “Tool Publications” in Previews magazine. Kinetic Press prides itself on the development of excellent and innovative storytelling fused with solid visual artwork. The company acts as an umbrella label to showcase the work of its primary writer/illustrator, Ken Krekeler[23].

Operations: Ken Krekeler is the writer and artist behind most of Kinetic Press™ titles. His first book, The Colodin Project, was published in 2009. He was born in Detroit on April 28th, 1982 and graduated from the College for Creative Studies with a BFA in 2009. Ken also works as a production artist for an advertising agency. He currently lives in Birmingham, Michigan[24].

Output: The Colodin Project; Dry Spell; Into the Dust; Southern Fried; Westward


Social Media: @KenKrekeler ; Facebook ;

Multi-Media: N/A

Toon Books logo - bearEstablished: 2008

Official Name: Toon Books

Place of Origin: New York, NY

Distinction: TOON Books are the first high-quality comics designed for children ages three and up. Each book in the collection is just right for reading to the youngest child. Perhaps more remarkably, this is the first collection ever designed to offer early readers comics they can read themselves. Each TOON book has been vetted by educators to ensure that the language and the narratives will nurture young minds. Our books feature original stories and characters created by veteran children’s book authors, renowned cartoonists and new talents, all applying their extraordinary skills to fascinate young children with tales that will welcome them to the magic of reading[25].

Operations: Françoise Mouly (Publisher, Editorial Director, Senior Designer), Art Spiegelman and the rest are


Branches: Books for all levels of reading. Several resources for teachers.

Social Media: @ToonBooks ; Facebook ; YouTube ; ; ;

Multi-Media: N/A

Toonhound Studios logoEstablished: Unknown

Official Name: Toonhound Studios, LLC [known as PVP Online]

Place of Origin: Watsonville, CA

Distinction: Unknown

Operations: Scott Kurtz

Output: Bite Me! a Vampire Farce; Danse Macabre 2.0; Family Man; Phables: Who Needs Trees When You Have Green Awnings?

Upcoming Title: Table Titans

Branches: N/A

Social Media: @pvponline ; Facebook

Multi-Media: N/A

Tor Books logoEstablished: 1980

Official Name: Tor Books

Place of Origin: New York, NY

Distinction: is a site for science fiction, fantasy, and all the things that interest SF and fantasy readers. It publishes original fiction, art, and commentary on science fiction and related subjects by a wide range of writers from all corners of the field; both professionals working in the genres and fans. Its aim is to provoke, encourage, and enable interesting and rewarding conversations with and between its readers[26].

Tor Books is home to an internationally-renowned, multiple award-winning science fiction, fantasy, and horror publishing program. Tor also publishes paranormal romances; mysteries; thrillers and suspense novels; other types of speculative fiction; movie, television, and computer game tie-in novels; and, through Tor Kids, a range of fiction and nonfiction targeted for readers in grade 4 and up[27].

Operations: Tom Doherty (Founder, President, Publisher). The rest are


Current Titles: Con/Game; The Fantôme Ball; Ringworld: the Graphic Novel part 2; Secret Coders: Lost & Found

Branches: Publishing is publisher neutral, and as such, boasts contributors and content from many different SF/F publishers and fandoms. debuted online on July 20, 2008.

Social Media: @tordotcom ; Facebook

Multi-Media: N/A

Touchstone Books logo

Established: 1970

Official Name: Touchstone Books

Place of Origin: New York, NY

Distinction: Touchstone Books is known for the broad scope and commercial appeal of our publishing program, our savvy selection of books, and our creative efforts to market them[28].

We believe books that nourish the individual spirit and contribute to the broader culture must be supported by attentive editing, superior design, and creative promotion. Publishing around 50 new titles a year, Touchstone provides authors with the intimacy of a small, passionate, and creative team while consistently punching above its weight in review coverage, promotion, and sales[29].

Operations: Unknown

Output: Amazing Fantastic Incredible: a Memoir; Awkward and Definition; French Milk; Funny Misshpaen Body: a Memoir; Hyperbole and a Half; Likewise; Potential: the High School Comic Chronicles of Ariel Schrag

Branches: An imprint of Simon & Schuster. From classic bestsellers like Our Bodies Ourselves, The Double Helix, Driven to Distraction, Lies my Teacher Told Me, and Solve Your Child’s Sleep Problems to contemporary pop culture bestsellers like The Bro Code, Bushisms, and Confessions of an Heiress, Touchstone Fireside nonfiction books present information and entertainment for a mainstream audience[30].

Social Media: @TouchstoneBooks ; Facebook ; Instagram ; Tumblr ; Glommable

Multi-Media: N/

T Pub logoEstablished: 2011

Official Name: T Pub

Place of Origin: London, England, UKDistinction: T Pub are a British comic book publisher and the creators of Twisted Dark, Tabatha, Tortured Life and The World of Chub Chub. Launching in 2011, our titles have already topped the Kindle Charts and regularly sell out at comic conventions around the world. We believe in all mediums of entertainment[31].

No matter if you’re into Sport, Music, Dance, TV, books, film, theatre etc. all mediums have great artistic merit.Despite the popularity of entertainment, some people have sadly never been to a great sports match in their lives; others have never been to the cinema or have never read a good book. And some people have never read a good comic book[32].

Operations: Neil Gibson (Founder, EIC) The rest are

Output: Tabatha; Tortured Life; Twisted Dark; Twisted Light; The World of Chub Chub

Branches: Bespoke Comics

Social Media: @TPublications ; Facebook ;

Multi-Media: N/A

TwoMorrows logo

Established: 1994

Official Name: Twomorrows Publishing

Place of Origin: Raleigh, NC

Distinction: Providing excellent periodicals and books pertaining to the history and comics and Lego®!

Operations: John Morrow, Pam Morrow

Output: Jack Kirby Collector; BrickJournal; Alter Ego; Back Issue, Comic Book Creator; Rough Stuff; Draw!; Write Now!; the Modern Masters series, and more!

Current Titles: The Flash Companion; The Incredible Herb Trimpe; Monster Mash; Muckmen; The Quality Companion; Swampmen: Muck-Monsters of the Comics

Branches: LEGO®

Social Media: @Twomorrowspubs ; Facebook ; TNT Blog ; Yahoo! Groups

Multi-Media: DVDs



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The majority of these publishers have their own stock at:

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