Creepshow Season 3 Brings New Horrors to Blu-Ray


When Creepshow was first announced over at AMC, I was thrilled as we were going to get some great stories brought to the small screen. What made this even better was that there were some big name actors attached to some of the stories. This was made even better by the animated special that featured a story done by Stephen King’s son, Joe Hill which is an amazing watch. Now we have the release of the next season of Creepshow, Season 3 on Blu-ray but is this something you are going to want to watch?

This season follows the standard format of two stories per episode giving us twelve twisted tales that range from people’s obsession with pop stars to a story set in the events of the original Night of the Living Dead. And there are some great actors that are in these episodes such as Denise Crosby, Michael Rooker and even Mark Hamill just to name a few!

But this is just the tip of the iceberg because there is over an hour of bonus content which includes a behind the scenes photo gallery as well as raw footage taken from the set. There is also a moderated panel that was held at the virtual Amazon Comic Con that was moderated by Clark Collins. On this panel were such greats as Michael Rooker, Mattie Do, James Remar, Rusty Cundieff and the man himself Greg Nicotero! One of the best features of this Blu-ray has to be the comic art booklet that is included. This book not only outlines the episodes but gives you an actual paper reproduction of not only the cover art of every episode but the main panels as well! This two disc set makes it a worthy addition to any collectors library.

So if you have been with Creepshow since its inception or have just recently found out about the show you need to pick up Season 3. For more information on this and other great shows head over to and get ready because the Creep has a story to tell you.