Dark Forces Approach As the Witching Hour Draws Near

The witching hour is a term that is used when magic is practiced deep within the night. It is also the latest series from DC and it kicks off The Witching Hour #1. The book starts on Wonder Woman’s home island of Themyscria years ago as she is running from an unseen force. Without warning a three face multi-limbed female restrains her and she is branded with an usual mark. This turns out to be a dream as she raced from her bed into her mother’s room upset with the visions that had been showed her.

Now to the present and we are taken to the Hall of Justice where Zatanna and Wonder Woman are addressing the members of the League. She bears bad news as magic is being destroyed in the world and if they don’t stop it reality will be destroyed along with it. It seems that the Upside Down Man are leading the forces of the Otherkind to wage war against this magic. Will they go ahead and succeed in their mission? The amazing part about this is that Wonder Woman teams up with Justice League Dark and you have such great heroes as Swamp Thing, Man Bat and even John Constantine joining the fight to preseve magic and reality.

This to me looks like an interesting series and it is definitely a book to pick up to get you in the mood for the Halloween season. Check it out at your local comic book shop today!