Review: Grimm Tales of Terror Vol. 2 & 3


When I was younger I used to read comics such as House of Secrets or Vault of Evil as each issue had three to four tales per issue. Each of these tales were either original works or twisted versions of classic fables. Now the folks over at Zenescope have collected the second and third volumes of Grimm Tales of Terror but are these tales enough to keep you up at night or will you need to read something stronger to give you nightmares.

Each of these volumes are presented in hardcover and in full color as they collect each issue of the volume also showing off the alternate covers that were available. The stories range from either classic tales (Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde) to urban legends (Alligators in the Sewers) to even some original tales that will have you on the edge of your seat as you wait to see what happens next. Volume 2 and 3 both collect the 13 issues that make up this series and believe me there are some amazing stories in each of these volumes. The two stories that I was surprised to see in each of these volumes was Sleepless in Volume 2 and Clowns in Volume 3. Sleepless is just that as a bunch of college students are summoned to take place in a sleep experiment. However, as they get there things start to feel out of place. Clowns goes off the basis of the creepy clowns that have been showing up in various states and countries around the world. It focuses on these two teenagers who decide to dress up as evil clowns and terrorize the neighborhood. Their actions are being noticed and when another clown invites them to join an organization things take a dreadful turn for the worse. Each of these stories features a character called Keres who is the goddess of death and makes her appearance in each and every story. Usually addressing some of the people who will be doomed later on in the story.

The price for each of these volumes is $39.99 and while that might seem high for some of you think about this: You are getting 13 issues of a comic that retails for $3.99 per issue so ten of these would be the $39.99 right there and you are getting three more issues in the volume as well! Not to mention that you are getting the alternate covers for each issue as well as some nifty pre-production art at the end of the book and you have a collection that any horror fan would love to sink their teeth into.

If you are looking for a new face of horror then look no further than Grimm Tales of Terror Vol. 2 & 3. These tales will make you turn on the lights and perk up your ears at the sounds that are coming outside your home. For information on this and other amazing titles head over to and get ready to read some amazing tales of terror.