Reasons You Should Still Own a DVD Player

A top view of a DVD player with a disk inserted and a remote control resting directly above it.

The widespread availability and affordability of streaming is the best thing to happen to cinephiles since, well, ever. After all, when was the last time you thought of playing a movie on a DVD player? Maybe it’s been a while, but this humble piece of tech continues to hold its ground—and for good reasons.

If you’re quick to dismiss this retro tech as a relic of the past, think again. Here are compelling reasons you should still own a DVD player, proving that this old-school gadget deserves a spot in your entertainment center.

It’s Reliable When the Internet or Streaming Is Down

Ever been in the middle of a movie marathon only to have a spotty internet connection ruin the fun? Unlike streaming services, a DVD player doesn’t falter when your Wi-Fi does.

You’ll never have to worry about all the mysterious wiles of the internet interrupting your entertainment. Plus, you can connect your DVD player to your laptop for reliable viewing that feels just like streaming.

Keep Your Disks in Good Condition

The internet won’t affect your DVDs’ ability to play, but scratches and smudges can. Keep your DVDs organized in a carrier and be gentle when you handle them.

It’s Nostalgic

There’s something inherently nostalgic about popping a DVD into a player. Remember when movie night was an exciting, planned event complete with a physical collection you could browse through? That’s what playing DVDs can help you feel again. This nostalgia is a warm, fuzzy feeling of tangible connection in our increasingly digital lives.

They Still Release DVDs for Modern Movies

Believe it or not, new releases still find their way to DVD and Blu-ray. This means you can enjoy the latest films without a streaming subscription.

Plus, owning a DVD of your favorite new release means you’re never at the mercy of streaming platforms possibly removing it from their lineup.

You Can Buy Unique, Classic Films at Thrift Stores

Thrift stores are treasure troves for classic, weird films on DVD that you probably won’t find on streaming services. These gems can give your movie collection an exclusive feel and provide you with hours of oddly exciting entertainment. And the thrill of the hunt? Absolutely unbeatable.

You Get Special Features

Remember when watching the bloopers, deleted scenes, and director’s commentary was as much a part of the movie-watching experience as the film itself? DVDs often come packed with special features that streaming services typically skip.

Wrapping Up

Despite the undeniable convenience of streaming services, you should still own a DVD player for all the reasons we describe above and more. If you want reliability, nostalgia, and quirkiness tied up into one little device, get yourself a DVD player and enjoy your love of movies even more.