Marvel and AIR MILES Team Up for Marvel Mania MICROPOPZ

Marvel and AIR MILES have joined forces for Marvel Mania MICROPOPZ. I recently had the chance to chat with spokesperson and comic aficionado Carl-Edwin Michelle about the promotion and some to the cool challenges people are doing with the MICROPOPZ characters.

SB: Tell us a little bit about Marvel and AIR MILES joining forces on Marvel Mania MICROPOPZ. 

CEM: As we all know people love Marvel and their characters like Spider-Man, Hulk and Captain America. The fact that Marvel partners with AIR MILES to bring the MICROPOPZ to life with the challenges and to have people collect them I think is a great thing.   

SB: How does the promotion work? 

CEM: The promotion is pretty simple. You go to one of the stores like Sobeys or Rexall and for every purchase of $30 or more you get access to a MICROPOPZ. It’s a blind package so you don’t know exactly what you’re going to get which is pretty cool because it’s a surprise. So you go there, you get the package, go home, open them and collect them.  

SB: How many MICROPOPZ are there and can you list some of the characters in the collection? 

CEM: There are 16 characters available right now. There’s Iron Man, Captain America, Thor, Spider-Man, Black Widow – there’s a lot of them. If you know the most popular characters of course they are going to be there. But even the ones that aren’t as popular you’ll have them available also. 

SB: Can you participate in the promotion even if you’re not an AIR MILES member? 

CEM: If you’re not an AIR MILES collector you can register at and can get a card. Then you’ll have access to all 16 MICROPOPZ which is pretty cool. So no worries if you’re not an AIR MILES collector just go register and get a card at 

SB: Tell us about the AIR MILES Marvel AR App. 

CEM: It’s the AIR MILES Marvel AR app and what’s cool about this app is first of all you can get it in the (iTunes) app store or Google store. You download it and when you go to a Rexall or a Sobey’s you’re going to see the stickers on the floor. Take your phone, open the app and go on the augmented reality portion of it. Scan the stickers and you can see all of those really cool characters coming to life. You can touch them and they are going to react.  

SB: What’s the craziest challenge you’ve ever done with the Marvel Mania MICROPOPZ? 

CEM: Actually for me we’re trying to do it with the kids. My kids are four and three years old and we were trying to throw them as far as possible to a wall to get them to stick. That was our craziest challenge and it was fun times with the kids for sure.  

To get a look at how crazy some of the Marvel MICROPOPZ challenges can be take a look at this video put together by SweetSpotSquad.

For more information head on over to The promotion runs until October 26 while supplies last.