Top 10 Rogues Galleries in Comics: #6 Fantastic Four

We have heard the phrase every hero needs a villain but there are some heroes that have a higher caliber of villains than others. So who in both the DC and Marvel universes have the best villains? We’ve collected a list of the top ten rogues galleries in comics today and our list continues with the Fantastic Four at number 6.

#6: Fantastic Four 

This group has so many great foes they can go up against I have no idea where to start. There are some of the b-listers such as Klaw, Mole Man and Hate Monger to some of the more powerful races out there which are the Kree and the Skrulls who are shape shifters and very powerful.

Not to mention Annihilus who was a villain so powerful that he rules the Negative Zone and anyone foolish to tread on his domain is dealt with severely. One of the biggest foes that the Fantastic Four has faced has to be Doctor Victor Von Doom.

This villain rules over his dominion of Latveria with a literal iron fist. This would be the top villain for this group however, let us not forget the biggest foe both figuratively and literally and that is Galactus.

This massive villain goes around the galaxy eating worlds as he so chooses. With his herald the Silver Surfer that was imbued with some of Galactus’ power you can see that this group of heroes has their work cut out for them.

Tune in tomorrow for our pick for number 5 on Comix Asylum’s list of the Top 10 Rogues Galleries in Comics.