Go Back to High School in A Million Hits

High school for me was an experience as I went to a catholic high school where my parents wanted to get me away from fights, drugs and gangs. And what happened? I was in a school that had fights, drugs and gangs and had to wear a stupid shirt and tie everyday. But what if you were doing everything in your power to be popular? How far would you go? This is the subject of A Million Hits a new film from the folks over at Wild Eye Releasing.

The film starts out with two teenage girls having a fight and they are named Ashely (who is the bully) and Amy (who is the victim). The school’s hands are tied as the only thing they can do is a suspension and that’s only if Amy is willing to implicate her. However, we see that Amy is part of a clique of friends that Ashley is part of and becomes willing to document the fights that are going on in and around school. Is Amy doing this to fit in or does she have some other ulterior motives to get back at Ashley? You’re going to have to watch the film to find out.

Other than the scene selection and a few trailers that’s all there is for the special features on this disc. It would have been nice to see a making of this film featuertte on the disc however, that’s not the case here.

If you want to see a coming of age story about bullying in high school check this movie out and for more releases coming from Wild Eye releasing visit their site at www.wildeyereleasing.com and get ready to go back to high school.