Can You Survive the Night in Blood Fest?

I will admit when I had received the movie Hell Fest to review and started watching it I was a little confused. I didn’t remember the film starting off this way as I had watched this film a few months back. It turns out that movie was Blood Fest done by the folks over at Rooster Teeth but is Blood Fest as good or better than those other horror movies done in the same vein? Or should you just go ahead and watch some classic horror movies instead?

Blood Fest is a horror comedy film and it starts out with a young boy named Dax watching a horror movie with his mom. However, as the mom goes off to get them drinks Dax discovers that she was brutally murdered at the hands of an escaped mental patient. The husband Dr. Vaughn Conway finds the grisly scene and shoots the killer dead within their own house. Years later Dr. Vaughn has denounced horror movies as they are a vessel for driving people mad to commit acts of violence. The father finds Dax’s ticket to Blood Fest and destroys it much to his disapproval however, he manages to find another ticket to attend the show. This sets off a series of events as everything in the park is designed to mimic the monsters in the movies fans love so much. Killers actually chop up people with chainsaws, the dead rise from their graves and clowns slaughter anyone who comes near. But what is the purpose behind this festival? Who is behind all this? This and other questions are answered and I will say that I didn’t see some of these shocks coming!

There are a few special features on the disc as well including a director’s commentary which can be turned on so you can find out how they made the movie. There are also deleted scenes, visual fx and the art of blood fest so you can see how they did some the effects and designed some of the sets. There is also a small feature called Gus Fest in which Gus Sorola who was cut from the film and all of his footage is compiled into this short. It is pretty amusing and is worth the watch after you watch the main feature of course.

Blood Fest has amazing characters, a great cast as well as a story that is so outlandish that you’ll be glued to your seat the entire time. If you want to get a copy for your own you can do so here and for more great content make sure you go to and remember to follow the rules.