Review: Fear the Walking Dead 505 – The End of Everything

Maggie Grace as Althea – Fear the Walking Dead _ Season 5, Episode 5 – Photo Credit: Ryan Green/AMC

Fear the Walking Dead 505 – The End of Everything

Well if you’ve been wondering what’s been going on with Althea, The End of Everything is what you’ve been waiting for. Although she’s not quite able to fully extricate herself from her captor, Al does exhibit the resourcefulness that has made her such a survivor. At the center of things are the contents of one of her tapes, one that has footage that the strange people dressed in black don’t want exposed.

After bargaining her way to a semblance of freedom, Al soon transitions from captive to partner although the truce is an uneasy one. The contents of one of her tapes reveal some of her backstory, including why her they are so personal to her. Her quest for a story, to get to the truth continues to drive her but also puts her in danger. It’s no different in The End of Everything, where her pursuit to uncover the secrecy behind the mysterious organization has her risking life and limb, and even doing some rock climbing to get answers.

Due to the concerns surrounding the fallout from the nuclear reactor and her new partner, Isabelle’s mission gone wrong, a reclamation team is on its way to find them. There is a way out for Al though but a helicopter she’s stumbled upon is out of fuel. With the clock ticking, Al’s reluctant partner is unwilling to let her take off with it and the tapes, just to make sure that whatever happened at the plant remains a secret.

Hard times call for hard choices. Trying to rebuild society, remaining loyal to a cause, and even to one’s self all come at a price. Isabelle and Althea’s pact changes both of them in unforeseen ways but their shared experience gives rise to many unresolved threads. Will they be able to keep their secrets and what happens when they inevitably cross paths again?

The End of Everything does a nice job of advancing some of the plot threads in play so far this season while also giving Althea the spotlight. Moving forward the revelations help to add more layers to her character while adding another dimension to what makes her tick – other than her tapes.