Road to San Diego Comic Con: Collectibles


While most people are headed towards the beaches, theme parks and other destinations there are some that are going to flock to San Diego. They aren’t going for the attractions or the weather they are going to attend San Diego Comic Con! This series of articles is a primer to the people who are going to the con and want a clear and concise offering of what is going to be available at the con this year. This section deals with all things collectibles whether they are action figures, statues or anything else that you would wait in line for hours on end just to claim one for your collection.

NECA has always brought some great exclusives to San Diego and this year is no exception as they are presenting several offerings. The first offering they have is the Capture of Splinter 4 pack from the 1990 TMNT movie! This four pack comes complete with Shredder, Splinter and two members of the Foot clan at 7” scale. There is also a myriad of weapons,  a weapons rack, crate and handcuffs. This will retail at $125 and at $30 a figure this seems well worth it! Next is an etched Pennywise that looks utterly demonic and this 7” figure can be yours for $30. The Karate Kid is next with a 7” Kreese action figure as the master of the Cobra Kai dojo strikes hard and shows no mercy and can be picked up for $40. A young John Connor from T2 can also be picked up at the show for $50 as this 7” figure comes not only with accessories but his dirt bike as well! The last two packs are from the DC / Dark Horse team ups and the first is Superman Vs Alien. These two 7” figures look awesome as you can pose them fighting one another and Superman has laser vision as well! We also have an armored 7” Batman Vs Predator and it comes with a ton of weapons and accesories that can be yours for $60. If you aren’t at SDCC this year they will have a small section of these available online (limit 2 per each item per household). However, if you are at the show they will be at both #3145 so make sure you stop by and check out what they have for sale!

Another strong showing is Hasbro as they are going to have some amazing exclusives this year and it made me wish I could attend. At their booth located at #3329 you can get an Overwatch ultimates 6” Reinhardt figure with Bundeswehr skin and this will retail for $60. One of the best deals of the con will be the Marvel Legends 2 6” pack that features both the Collector and Grandmaster and this will retail for $49.99. There is also going to be an 80th Marvel anniversary Hulk figure that will be available for $34.99. I love Transformers and one of the best exclusives they can have is they are offering an Optimus Prime that is decked out as a Ghostbuster vehicle! Yes you heard right as this has all the accessories that the original Optimus Prime had but decked out in a Ghostbuster color scheme complete with Slimer for $149.00. For the Star Wars line you need to check out the 6” Boba Fett figure and this will retail for $24.99 and might be at other conventions around the world. There will also be a 3.75” special edition of Luke Skywalker from all three films as he is disguised as a Stormtrooper, an X-Wing pilot and then a Jedi knight. This three pack can be picked up for $49.99 and is well worth it for the collectors out there. The last exclusive can be found at the Entertainment Earth booth (located at #2343) and it is a retro prototype Darth Vader figure. This will retail for $19.99 and has a multi colored art deco style to it as it will be a great addition to your collection.

Mezco has long since been associated with quality in their One:12 line and this year at their booth (located at 3445) they will have three convention exclusives. The first is a variant of the Agent Gomez in Street Clothes. This figure comes with three different heads, a take down rifle with removable clips, katana, hoverboard and can be yours for $90. The next release is Commissioner Gordon with a bat signal (and yes this lights up!) And this police commissioner has multiple arms, legs and even heads and is well worth the $125 price point. The last exclusive is one of the unsung heroes of the Marvel universe and that is Moon Knight. And this has two heads (hooded and non) as well as a staff, crescent blade and a grappling hook. This is an amazing figure and can be yours for $85. 

Mattel has been cranking out great toys for years and some of the great exclusives this year are no exception. Located over at Booth 2945 the first exclusive is absolutely amazing as it is the Spider 7 from the Japanese Spider-Man show and can be yours for $15. Jurassic World will be getting a 3” John Hammond figure complete with his trademark staff and a baby velociraptor for $15. Next up is the TMNT party wagon as this tiny figure has twin missile launchers and a sidecar that can swing out and is only $20. There are also two updates to the Masters of the Universe line as you can get the Prince Adam / He Man two figure giftset or the Megaconstrux Battle Bones playset. These are both amazing for fans of the series and the two figure set will run you $40 and Battlebones will sell for $30. Batman fans will have a lot to celebrate as there will be not one but two offerings this year from Mattel. The first is an 80 pg giant commerative set which has four different Batmans. You have the traditional old Batman along with a rainbow Batman, zebra Batman and a negative suit Batman for $80. The next is the Batmobile from the Tim Burton Batman movie which includes the Batmobile and the armored shell for $25. The last two items are Randy “Macho Man” Savage dressed up as his Slim Jim character for $29.99 and a die-cast Mario Kart with glider for $20.

Sideshow Collectibles always brings some amazing statues and collectibles and this year they will have some great stuff at Booth 1929. The first two offerings are related to Iron Man and the first is a statue of both Tony Stark and the Iron Man Mark 1 armor. The next is a Hot Toys release and this is the neon tech Iron Man 2.0 and this armor looks slick. The Mark 1 armor will run you $200 while the Iron Man neon tech 2.0 will run you $380. The next is a gold edition of the mad titan Thanos and this will run you $180. The next statue is the only villian to break the Batman and that is Bane. This massive beast stands 23” high and is limited to 1500 pieces and will run you $699. The last great release is the Ghost Rider statue and this looks amazing however I couldn’t find a price for it. 

Diamond has been a distributor for as long as I can remember and this year they are offering some great toys over at their booth 2401. The first is Donatello dressed up as Batman from the crossover Batman vs Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. This is an amazing figure limited to 10,000 pieces and it can be yours for $30. Next would be the only toy I would want to get if I was at SDCC and that is a four pack of the original Ghostbusters. Each of these figures have 16 points of articulation and this is limited to 1984 units and will be sold for $79.99. The next set of offerings are statues that range from Deadpool, Captain Marvel, Flash and X-23 and these all look wonderful and are $50 each! There is also a ½ scale bust of that merc with a mouth, Deadpool that is limited to 1,000 pieces and will sell for $150. For those on a budget there is a small statue of Jean Grey aka Dark Phoenix for $16.99 and the iconic Infinity Gauntlet in mid-snap for $19.99. From the Batman: Damned comic comes an amazing statue based off this as you can see this version of Batman standing in a pentagram and can be yours for $60. 

And last but not least is the granddaddy of them all and that is Funko which is located at booth 5341. There are tons of exclusives that are going to be for sale at this con however, I couldn’t find prices online. Also, some of these exclusives will be available at retailers such as Target, Gamestop, Walmart and others! First off are two chrome versions of Star Wars icons which are Boba Fett and Yoda. Next is the amazing late night host Conan O’Brien and there are two offerings including a cereal (called Super Conan Funkos) and a regular orange figure. Kang and Kodos are the aliens from the Simpsons Halloween Special and these glow in the dark figures will be available at SDCC! Sabrina the Teenage Witch as well as two figures from Hellboy (Hellboy and Abe Sapien) as well as three versions of Ratfink (Green, Grey and a Glow in the Dark version) will also be available. We are also getting more ad icons including a Vynl Quake and Quisp, Peter Pez as well as an Otter Pops Louie Bloo-Raspberry. There will also be a 4 pack of Pez dispensers of the Banana Splits and those look great. And there is also going to be the first Funko figure from Disenchantment and that will be Princess Bean. More Hanna Barbara characters will be released as we will get Hoppy and Baby Puss from the Flintstones and Lazy Luke and Sergeant Blast from Wacky Races. There are tons more figures going to be available including some from Toy Story (Chuckles & Mr. Pricklepants), Marvel (Man Thing, Gamora, Wong and Minn-Erva) and Batman with a SDCC bag as well. The last offering I am going to touch on is the San Diego Comic Con mascot the Toucan which will come in Pez and Pop form! 

So there you go! These are some of the collectibles that you will be available at this year’s SDCC. And make sure you keep it tuned to Comix Asylum for more coverage coming out of San Diego Comic Con 2019.