Get Ready to Duke It Out in Ion Fury


When I was growing up in the 90’s the first person genre was starting to get popular and companies were trying to outdo one another. I remember going to a friend’s house out in Massachusetts and he had gotten a shareware of a new game called Duke Nukem 3D. We spent the entire day crammed around the computer taking turns and listening to this character spout off one liners as he killed aliens. The folks over at 1C Entertainment wanted to bring back some of this amazing game-play and have done so with their latest title, Ion Fury

Ion Fury (aka Ion Maiden but was changed due to a lawsuit over the name with rock group Iron Maiden) takes place in the year 2097 as Shelly “Bombshell” Harrison joined the Global Defense Force. After becoming the leader of the local force in Neo D.C. a cybernetically enhanced cult shows up and starts laying waste to the city. It is up to Bombshell and her variety of weapons to take down the cult along with its leader Dr. Jadus Heskel. Shelly will have a variety of weapons to work with from an Ion Bow that can fire either single shot or a widespread pattern to her signature revolver that has the ability to mark targets and automatically hit them. 

This game captures all the nostalgia of the original Duke Nukem 3D games as it was developed by Voidpoint and released by 3D Realms (the makers of the original Duke game). The game-play can get fast and furious at times as you will strafe, jump and duck out of the way of incoming fire. I also love the one liners that Shelly will spout as she is killing her enemies such as “I spray you pray” or “Dodge This!” There are also a lot of hidden messages and fun puzzles (in fact one of these puzzles is a dedication to the game Tetris.) But the final point I want to make about the game is the size of the install. 

It is 91 megs

Not gigs or terrabytes. Megs. Everything on this game runs fast and the loading times were non-existent so this game will be playable from low quality computers to even the highest gaming rigs. If you remember the golden age of gaming or want to experience some great and fast gameplay give this game a try as it will be a great addition to your library. For more information on this or other games head over to  and get ready to blast some bots.