Modern Warfare 2019 Doesn’t Disappoint


Modern Warfare brings back single player to the Call of Duty franchise

When the Call of Duty series was founded it focused on the operations that occurred during World War 2. However, as time went on people were bored of the setting and the folks over at Infinity Ward had a great idea to bring it to the current age. The game was called Call of Duty: Modern Warfare and this was a great entry in the Call of Duty series. Years later Infinity Ward touched on this again with their latest release Call of Duty: Modern Warfare (2019). However, will this be a battlefield that you will want to visit or should you just replay the classics? 

There are three modes to this game and they are a single player campaign, multiplayer and co-op and we are going to cover them all extensively. The first is the single player campaign as you will take control of three different soldiers in various missions around the world. You will take the role of a CIA operative named Alex, Kyle Garrick who is a newly recruited SAS soldier and Farah Karim and she is a strong willed freedom fighter. The story starts out simply enough with Alex on the hunt for some stolen chemical gas however, it quickly becomes more complicated as the story progresses. This is a game where you will make some strong choices as you will need to decide who lives and who dies. There is also a level – I am not going to give anything away – but it is VERY heart wrenching as you see what soldiers have done when invading another country. The graphics are simply amazing this time around as everyone looks close to realistic and the environments are breathtaking as well. Even the sound seemed to get an upgrade in this release as I was listening to it in surround sound and it made for a better immersive experience. My only problem with the single player campaign is that it was over way too soon as I finished it in around 10 hours and hopefully the next installment it will be longer. This series is a reboot as it doesn’t mention any of the events from the previous Modern Warfare games however, characters DO make an appearance in this game and I hope to see more of them in future sequels. 

The second mode is co-op which is called Special Ops and there has been a great evil that has descended upon the town of Verdansk. It is up to you to quell the threat here and other places around the world. These are shorter missions than the original campaign however, Activision has stated that they are going to add more to the Special Ops so who knows what we might see during the future. And just because this is co-op doesn’t mean that you can’t go at it alone as you can or you can take up to four players along with you! This is a great addition to the game and if you get knocked down in combat you can be revived by your teammates so make sure you act carefully out there. 

The last mode is what everyone has been waiting for and that is multiplayer and there have been a LOT of changes to this mode. First, you can select from a few premade classes (you will have to do this once you start the game) and you will be able to level up and unlock more classes and weapons as you progress during the game. There are more than a few newly added modes and you have the classics like Domination and Team Deathmatch but there are also modes like Headquarters (where you have to hold a headquarters) or Cyber Attack (taking an EMP bomb to a bombsite). There is also a mode called Gunfight that allows you to go head to head in a 2 v 2 match and these are some of the most intense matches I’ve ever seen in a COD game. The last new addition is called Ground War and this is a massive mode where up to 100 or more players are on a map trying to control points. There are also vehicles that spawn in that allow for faster travel on the battlefield and you can also spawn in not only on points, but on squads as well! There is also a way to customize your weapons and that is called Gunsmith mode as you can select parts from your weapon in order to maximize its performance. And one of the best parts about multiplayer are the challenges. Gone are the days of the loot drops in which you might get a rare weapon that will give you an edge of the battlefield. If you want a better weapon you will have to fight for it. Once a challenge is completed it will net you a better weapon which you can select from the load-out screen. 

 The problems I had with this release were minimal as I am running this on a computer I built back in 2009 and it still ran with some small issues during the cut-scenes. Also, the install size is a bit massive as it will take over 100gb of storage on your drive. I have already sunk at least 15 hours into this game and barely scratched the surface and whether you have never played a Call of Duty game or you are a veteran, you will need to check out this latest version of Modern Warfare as Infinity Ward is starting to get things right once again. For more information on this game head over to and remember to stay frosty out there people.