Wandering the Wasteland In the Aftermath

If the world would end tomorrow, what would you wind up doing? Would you try to find a safe place to live? Would you just wander the wasteland to search for supplies? And what if in doing so you found something that you weren’t supposed to? How would you react? This is the setting of the latest Arrow Video release In the Aftermath

In the Aftermath is a visionary film from a director named Carl Colpaert who decided to make a film that blended his own vision along with an animated feature called Angel’s Egg (which was created by Ghost in the Shell creator Mamoru Oshii). This horrifying vision has two soliders, Frank and Goose who are searching the radioactive wasteland for supplies. As they are searching the rubble Frank is having visions of a girl holding an egg. Could this be the vision that can save both worlds? The release that I received was a screener release so I really cannot cover the packaging nor the book that is released with the first edition pressing. However, it does come with a booklet that covers the film along with reversible packaging including original art done by Corey Brickley. 

There are a few extras that are included on this disc including The Path to Aftermath which is an interview with the producer Tom Dugan that was filmed for this release. There is also a still and poster gallery along with an interview with the star Tony Markes called Apocalypse Then. The last extra is called Before the Aftermath: The Influence of Angel’s Egg which shows the appreciation of the original film Angel’s Egg done by Marmoru Oshii. 

If you love post apocalyptic movies or if you are a fan of Marmoru Oshii you need to check out In the Aftermath. For more information on this and other films head over to www.arrowvideo.com and get ready to head out into the wasteland.