Top 10 Rogues Galleries in Comics: #5 Superman

We have heard the phrase every hero needs a villain but there are some heroes that have a higher caliber of villains than others. So, who in both the DC and Marvel universes have the best villains? We’ve collected a list of the top ten rogues galleries in comics today and our list continues with Superman at number 5.

#5: Superman 

The Man of Steel may be one of the most powerful heroes of the DC universe however, he is not immune to some of the evilest masterminds which he faces on a daily basis. With weird villains such as Mister Mxyzptlk who can bend reality to his will to Bizzarro who is a complete opposite version of Superman. One of his most scheming villains may be one of the most iconic bad guys in all of comics and that is Lex Luthor.

This is a villain that would send California into the ocean so that the desert property that he bought would be the new California and sell the land at outrageous prices. Lex even becomes President of the United States at one point!

There is also the android known as Brainiac and he not only has the power to create advanced weaponry but the power to possess other people as well. But one of the biggest villains that Superman has had to face on his own has to be Doomsday.

This genetically enhanced creature is a precursor to the Kryptonian people, and it was strong enough to not only beat Superman but to kill him as well!

Tune in tomorrow for our pick for number 4 on Comix Asylum’s list of the Top 10 Rogues Galleries in Comics.