Bethesda Brings Hell to E3 2019

Bethesda had their conference at E3 this year and while there were a few unannounced titles everyone came to see one title in particular.


We were teased about the game last year and this year they brought it to the show. However, they started off with Fallout 76 and an apology. However, Bethesda isn’t done with this game as they are going to add more content as well as free games. Anyone that had logged into the game in 2018 you will have access to Fallout 1, 2 and tactics in your library. Ghostwire Tokyo was the next game that was teased at and it was a cineamatic trailer. There was no gameplay however, the setting of this game looks great as people have disappeared. You are one of the ones left behind to deal with the monsters who now inhabit this world.

Next we had the Elder Scrolls Online with their latest expansion that was just released called Elsweyr and announcing a new expansion called Scalebreaker. The next game caught me off guard as they are bringing back the Commander Keen franchise! However, it is going to be a mobile game as you control Billy and Billi Keen escaping peril at every turn. Rage 2 hinted at new content that will be coming soon including new vehicles and a pilotable mech! Two new Wolfenstein games were announced as well which are Cyberpilot and Youngblood. The first game will allow you to take control of the machines of the reich and the second will put you in control of BJ’s twin’s daughters to rescue their father.

Deathloop was a game that I wanted to see actual gameplay of however, we only got a trailer. The game has you as an assassin caught in a time loop which, resets everytime that you are killed. Orion is a new streaming service that Bethesda is offering that will allow you to stream games to your mobile devices. It seems that a lot of companies are getting into the cloud gaming market.

Doom Eternal was the last game that was shown and the amount of gory details were amazing. This game is not only set on earth it is set in our system and you will be able to explore various worlds as you kill demons along the way. One of the things that looked amazing about this version of Doom is that it is fast paced. You will run, jump, shoot and even activate death traps to spill your share of demon blood. There is also going to be an online mode where you can go head to head with other players in Battlemode. Doom Eternal releases on November 11th of this year.

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