Arcade1UP Reveals Two New Games at E3 2019

When I was younger, one of the places we used to go to either in Staten Island or over in Woodbridge, NJ was the mall. Each of the malls at the time had an arcade and most of the games that were in there made up my childhood. I can remember going in there and playing games like Paperboy, Star Wars and other great games. However, if you wanted to play games like this you either had to go to an arcade or play them via an emulator.

The folks over at Arcade1UP have changed this as they have released classic games in standup cabinets that are around ¾ scale of a regular arcade game. These games are awesome and have such classics as Rampage, Tempest, Joust just to name a few. Now at this year’s E3 they annouced two new cabinets and I have to say that I might have to get them both.

The first cabinet is a Marvel cabinet which will contain three games. Marvel Super Heroes is a fighting game where Wolverine, Spiderman and even lesser known characters like Shuma Gorath and Blackheart round out the roster. This was a great fighting game as it was a precursor to Marvel vs.Capcom. X-Men Children of the Atom is another fighting game in the same vein as Street Fighter as Wolverine, Iceman and even villains such as Omega Red and Silver Samurai went head to head. The last game in the lineup is The Punisher which was a side scrolling beat-em up as you can play as the iconic vigilante or Nick Fury from S.H.I.E.L.D. This was a favorite of my customers at the comic shop I used to work at trying for hours to get to the last boss.

The other cabinet they are releasing are the heroes in a halfshell the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles themselves! Yes! You heard right! Arcade1UP is bringing this great classic to homes all over the world and this isn’t the small two player version. This is going to be the deluxe four player version where you and three of your friends can kick shell against Shredder and the forces of the foot clan. This will have both games in it which were the original Turtles as well as TMNT II: Turtles in Time.

The price point for both games are also VERY resaonable as the Marvel one will run you $299 and the TMNT one will run you $349 and these are without the risers which will cost extra. However, to get a great arcade game in your house for under $500 is a great deal! If you ant to check out this and the other games that Arcade1UP has in store head over to and get ready to take the arcade home!