Devolver Shows Off 4 Games at E3 2019


If you have never heard of Devolver before you have probably played their games. With such great titles as Hotline Miami and Enter the Gungeon they make games with creators that are unique and fun to play. At this year’s E3 there were four games announced that will be coming out really soon.

The first is an overly cute game called Fall Guys as you compete with 100 other players to be the last person standing. This game reminds me of those outlandish Japanese game shows as the contestants run through various stages, dodging obstacles and each other in order to be the last one standing. This looks like a fun game to play and would be great as a party game.

The next is a series of games that are bootlegs of popular Devolver titles. Some of these are just funny as there are eight games to choose from. From Hotline, Milwaulkee to Shootyboots there is something for everyone in this bundle. I love the retro 8 bit graphics as it feels that I am playing this game on the classic Nintendo.

Next is a game that I am REALLY wanting to try and it is simply called Carrion. In most games you play a hero as you slaughter waves of monsters. In this game you ARE the monster as you try to break out of a lab and you hunger. However, the more you eat the bigger you grow as you will crawl, swing and devour anything that gets in your way.

The last game is something that I want to see brought to home consoles and PC as well. Enter the Gungeon is getting a light based gun arcade game. Let that sink in for a moment. This game is called Enter the Gungeon: House of the Gundead and it will be coming out in 2020. No word on how much this is going to cost but this looks awesome!

What do you think of this year’s offerings from Devolver? Did you think they brought it or was it lackluster? Let us know as we love to hear from you.