Urban Exploration Gone Wrong in Rust

When I was living in the bay area there was a haunted attraction that had gained some traction and that was the Pirates of Emerson. This attraction had people dressed up as pirates and it is an amazing attraction that is put on yearly and continues to this day. What if there was an attraction that was simply abandoned? Would you dare to go inside its walls and find out what was left inside? This is the premise of the latest movie from Wild Eye Releasing simply entitled Rust

Rust has Heather and Morgan meet up with a few of their fellow friends at a local abandoned haunted attraction called Hotel Fear. However, what they don’t know that lurking within these walls is a madman that survives off of the flesh of anyone foolish enough to come near this place. When the teens find this out it is a mad scramble to see if they can escape this house of horrors. Will anyone leave alive or will they fall one by one? 

There are a few bonus features that are on the disc including an interview with the director of the film, trailers, a scene selection and some original features. If you love urban exploration as well as haunted attractions you need to give Rust a look. For more great releases make sure you check out www.wildeyereleasing.com and get ready for a scare.