Don’t Go Near the House on Elm Lake

I remember moving into our new house on Staten Island and exploring its entirety including the basement. That part of the house always scared me because I had a feeling that there was something sinister lurking in the dark. However, there wasn’t really anything but what if you moved into a house where there was an unexplainable evil? Would you be able to overcome it or would you succumb to it? This is the subject of a new film from Wild Eye Releasing entitled House on Elm Lake.

The house in question was the location of a brutal murder done years ago in the name of Satan. Years later as the house has been on the market forever it is bought by a couple, Eric and Hayley and they move in with their daughter Penny. However, after moving into this house the family senses that something sinister had taken place here. Will the family figure out what is going on inside the house and live to tell the tale or will demonic forces snatch these victims back to hell? This is an amazing film and when I found out that it was shot for around 3,000 pounds (less than $5,000 in the US) on a total time of eight days this makes you appreciate the movie even more so!

However, the thing that is lacking are any special features to speak of. Which is a shame because, when you find out that this film was made on a shoestring budget you wonder how and why this came together so quickly. It would have been nice to get a documentary on the making of this film to be on this disc however, it is simply not meant to be.

If you love films like the Conjuring then you need to check out House on Elm Lake. For more films like this check out and remember not all houses are what they seem.