Thanksgiving Gone Wrong in Don’t Look

Growing up on Staten Island I was fortunate to spend most of my Thanksgiving holidays either at my own house or at my aunt’s house. My aunt lived very close to me and sometimes I would walk home early so I could play games. But what if you were going deeper into the woods for your Thanksgiving break? Would you be alright or is there something lurking in the forest waiting to strike? This is the setting of Don’t Look the latest release from Wild Eye Releasing. 

Don’t Look focuses on five friends who want to get away from New York City for their Thanksgiving vacation. However, as they reach their location they are stalked by a masked killer that wants nothing more than to slice and dice up these intruders. Will these friends be able to survive the onslaught or will they fall under the blade of this psychopath? Now I don’t want to give away too much but I will say that there is a lot of blood in this movie. Most of the special effects that are used in this film are practical effects. This is a great change from some of the other movies who use cheap CGI in order to make a horror film.


There are a few special features on the disc as well to keep you entertained after the movie has ended. First there are Spanish subtitles as well as closed captions for the hearing impaired. Also, there are some trailers for some existing and up and coming films by Wild Eye Releasing. Last but not least there is a behind the scenes featurette that shows how this film was made. If you love the slasher type films you need to check out Don’t Look. For more information on this and other films head over to and remember not to go into the woods alone.