Don’t Go Into the Woods with My Little Sister


There are a lot of horror movies that deal with camping in the woods. From the classic Friday the 13th to the more modern Cabin in the Woods each of them deals with camping and the horrors they are exposed to. Now the folks over at Wild Eye Releasing have unleashed another movie called My Little Sister. But is this a movie that you will want to watch or would you rather stay home and watch Netflix instead?

The film opens with a group of friends that want to go camping in a secluded spot in the woods. However, they are told that they should not go into that part of the forest as a monster lurks within those woods. The monster is called My Little Sister and the group of friends scoff and decide to go to that part of the woods anyway. However, after going to that part of the woods they realize they should have heeded the warnings as they are not alone in those woods. There is a family that lives here that is horribly deformed and they will stop at nothing to protect their homes. Will any of the friends leave the forest alive or will they all succumb to these deranged killers?


There are a few special features on this disc. The first is trailers for other Wild Eye releases as well as a music video. There is also a behind the scenes featurette that focuses on how this film was made as well as some cast interviews to round out the features. This is better than most of the Wild Eye releases and will give you more to watch after the movie ends. If you are a fan of twisted serial killer movies then you need to give this movie a look. For more information on this and other releases head over to and remember not to go in the woods.