Review: Lord of Gore #1

lord-of-gore_cover-aThere is no other month that I look forward to than October and there are a few reasons for this. Candy, costumes and horror movie marathons on various cable TV stations and of course Halloween wraps up the grand month in a ghoulish bow. What I always look forward to are the movies both new and old as there are some great ones out there to either watch again or experience for the first time. But what if one of the monsters you saw in these movies was real and it wanted nothing more than to split your skull open? This is the premise behind Lord of Gore #1 a brand new offering from the folks over at Devils Due Publishing!

This story takes place at Gore Con which is a convention that brings together horror fans from miles around. One of the most successful franchises has to be the Headsman which has an executioner in a mask killing people in a sadistic fashion. But when talks of bringing back this franchise with fresh blood what will happen with the old guard? The first issue sets up this story in great fashion and without spoiling it for everyone all I can say is there is a lot of red ink used in this book.

This book is written by the very talented DB Stanley and this is his first foray into the comic book world. However, just because this is his first title does not mean that it is bad – on the contrary it is very good. You get a feel for these characters and their hopes and dreams, but you wonder in the back of your mind, if they are going to make it to the next issue? Or will they be brought down by deeds most foul? Lord of Gore is illustrated by Daniel Leister, who is no stranger to the horror / dark fantasy world of comics. He has illustrated for various titles, including Hack/Slash, Army of Darkness vs Hack/Slash and Return to Wonderland. He gives the book a very compelling visual style and of course the red stuff runs through the pages with some great scenes for the gore hounds.

If you go to the comic book shop and purchase one horror comic to slake your bloodlust this would be the one to buy. With great characters, a well written story and excellent art, Lord of Gore is certainly one to watch. For more information on this and other comics point your web browsers to and be wary of the headsman!