Review: Fear the Walking Dead 513 – Leave What You Don’t

Matt Frewer as Logan – Fear the Walking Dead _ Season 5, Episode 13 – Photo Credit: Van Redin/AMC

Fear the Walking Dead 513 – Leave What You Don’t

Logan’s discovery of the oil fields throws things into turmoil. With Rosita, Wendel and the kids being held hostage while Logan and his crew survey their new discovery John, June and the others race towards them in a bid to save their friends and the oil field. This leads to a showdown and some revelations that bring some unsettling truths about Sarah to light.

Leave What You Don’t finally reveals Logan’s true intentions and a flashback to open the episode chronicles the traumatic circumstances that hardened his heart. His obsession with the oil fields soon puts everyone in peril and threatens to destroy the very thing he’s coveted. Sarah, trying to atone for her mistake that led to Clayton’s death decides to risk her life to save Logan. Her decision though, has a butterfly effect that extends far past the burning oil fields.

Meanwhile, Alicia and Strand try to help a woman stranded at a truck stop. Their bid to save her runs out of gas, literally as the truck they are driving comes to a halt. The woman’s pleas over the radio don’t go unheard though as Logan decides to give her some sage advice. In a curious twist of fate, the woman is stranded in the same location Logan had his soul shattered along with his belief in the aid network he helped to create with Clayton.

Logan’s disbelief in a world filled with hope leads him to suggest that the woman calling for help put herself out of her misery before she succumbs to the walkers banging at her door. Logan’s world view however isn’t shared by everyone and the woman is saved by Wes after hearing Alicia over the radio. Wes’ attitude change is a direct result of his encounter with Alicia who has become more comfortable in her skin since finding an inner peace.

Fear has been in serious need of a true big bad and Leave What You Don’t finally delivers on that front. Logan, as it turns out was just a henchman leaving the heavy lifting to the menacing crew that sauntered into the ashes of the oil field. The leader of the horse riding and heavily armed militia is a charismatic woman who is at ease driving hard bargains. Her take it or die deal is finally accepted by Rosita, who figures that it makes more sense to live to fight another day than to become worm food.

In the end Leave What You Don’t is one of the stronger efforts of the season. It resolved a few dangling plot threads, provided some character development for Sarah and introduced some adversaries that not only have a physical advantage over Alicia and the group but a psychological one as well. Is it too little, too late to salvage the season? With three episodes left time will tell.