Review: Comic Book Men 702 “Nightmare on Broad Street”

Ming Chen, Walter Flanagan, Bryan Johnson, Mike Zapcic, Robert Englund – Comic Book Men _ Season 7 – Photo Credit: Brett Satterlund/AMC

Comic Book Men 702 “Nightmare on Broad Street”

It’s Halloween and the gang on Comic Book Men welcome horror legend, Robert Englund to The Stash. Freddie Krueger himself is on hand to deliver a birthday present to Ming, and Nightmare on Broad Street keeps the horror theme going when a customer brings in a rare, horror related doll and a set of Universal Monsters action figures makes an appearance at the store.

A rare Linda Blair dummy doll from The Exorcist makes an appearance at The Stash. The doll’s owner reveals that its custom made making it an even rarer find. After reflecting on how scary The Exorcist truly was, Ming takes a shot at his ventriloquist skills. Walt makes an offer for the doll and after some discussion a deal is made.

It’s Ming’s birthday and as a surprise the gang have Robert Englund drop by to celebrate the big day. Ming is truly shocked to see one of his childhood idols across the counter from him. Nightmare on Elm Street was the first horror movie Ming saw as a teenager and has been a fan of the genre ever since. The gang then sits back and listens to Englund’s tales from the set and how horror and sci-fi have risen to prominence in the eyes of those who run Hollywood. Englund then leaves a Freddie glove and sweater for Ming to cap off the visit.

A classic collection of Marx Universal Monsters from 1963 is brought into the store piquing Walt’s interest. Walt is a massive Universal Monsters fan but Kevin and Mike don’t share his enthusiasm. Undaunted, he asks the seller to name his price and the negotiating gets underway. Walt’s love of the genre and those monsters makes him wonder why the seller would want to part with such gems. When he finds out why and is confronted with the cost it will take to acquire the set, the deal runs into some trouble.

Nightmare on Broad Street is another enjoyable episode of Comic Book Men. Graced by horror royalty, Englund’s stories from the set as well as a tale about his small role in Star Wars history elevates the episode. While Freddie’s known for nightmares Robert Englund’s appearance this week is a dream for horror fans.