Meet the New Characters on AMC’s Humans

AMC has released another behinds the scenes featurette for Season 3 of Humans. The featurette entitled Meet Stanley, Anatole, Agnes and Neil provides some background on a few of the new characters in the upcoming season.

First up is Anatole (Ukweli Roach) a former courtesan who is now the right hand synth to Max (Ivanno Jeremiah). Anatole is joined by Agnes (Holly Earle), a fellow resident of the Railyard who harbors a mean streak and deep resentment against humans. Rounding out the new cast in the clip is Dino Fetscher portrays Stanley, an orange-eyed synth assigned to Laura (Katherine Parkinson) by the Dryden Commission and Neil (Mark Bonnar) a behavioral scientist  who works for the Commission and is tasked with figuring out what to do with the synths now that they are sentient.

Season of Humans premieres, Tuesday, June 5 at 10/9c.