Jay and Silent Bob Get the Reboot!


Back in the 90’s I was living in the bay area and a friend of mine had me over for a movie that he had rented. The movie was shot in black and white and this VHS masterpiece was called Clerks. We were introduced to all of the characters including two in the film who hang outside the Quickstop: Jay and Silent Bob. Years later they had gotten their own movie called Jay and Silent Bob Strikes Back. Now the folks over at Lionsgate have released a new chapter of this story in Jay and Silent Bob Reboot.

Jay and Silent Bob Reboot starts off where most of the stories do in front of the Quckstop where they hang out. However, RST video is no longer there and it has been replaced with a smoked chicken shop called Cock Smokers Chicken. The store isn’t at all what it seems as it is a front for growing weed and Jay and Silent Bob run this operation. After a tense standoff with local police they arrive at the local courthouse where a shifty lawyer gets them to sign paperwork without reading it. They do so and they are found not guilty however, they have to give up their names! This starts them on a road to go back to Hollywood and stop another movie being made in order to get their names back.

At first this does seem like a retelling of the story from the original Jay and Silent Bob Strikes Back. However, the more you watch it the more it seems that it isn’t and is actually a sequel of sorts. Characters from other Kevin Smith franchises come back (some straight out of the blue) and some new ones are introduced. All in all the film is amazing to watch from beginning to end and if you are a fan of the Kevin Smith movies you will love this film.

There are a few special features included on the blu ray such as interviews with the cast of the movie as well as an interview with the two stars (Kevin Smith and Jason Mewes). A blooper reel along with a hair reel round out the special features that will give you some added content to this disc. If you are a fan of the Kevin Smith franchise and love Jay and Silent Bob you need to give this film a watch. For more information on this and other great films head over to https://www.lionsgate.com/ and get ready for an epic road trip.