Gotham Central’s 4th Anniversary

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Forty-eight months. That’s an impressive amount for a time for a former fledgling business. Inflation is rising, the Canadian dollar is dropping. Through it all, Gotham Central stays afloat! A massive warehouse planted within the industrial area of northeast Mississauga, hearty congratulations to Carlos Camara. Four years is a major feat!! *clap* *clap* *clap*

Sales grab anyone. It’s an extended appreciation to the faithful customers as well as new faces. Business has been steadily increasing. The word is out! Keen collectors flip through the back issue bins with manic speed. Art aficionados augment their curios with higher-priced but exquisite statues. Some find appeal in the apparel. People of all ages delight in toys, cards, and board games.

GC's 4th panoramic view

The highlight of every special event is the assemblage of eleven domestic creators. The more established generously give up their free time to meet, greet, sketch, and discuss with the fans. Up-and-comers also share words of wisdom. Every single artist has a natural talent that has me green with envy!

[There are links for all the following individuals]

Ty Templeton is a recent addition to the Gotham family. He first graced his presence for Halloween Comic Fest 2015. Mr. Templeton is extremely entertaining. He’s engaging, expressive, and witty. He never snubs anyone. He will eagerly talk shop until he’s blue in the face! For those of you in the dark, Mr. Templeton has been in the field for almost three decades. He is definitely his own boss but has mainly done work for DC. His most recognizable contributions are BATMAN ADVENTURES, BATMAN & ROBIN ADVENTURES, BATMAN: GOTHAM ADVENTURES and the more recent BATMAN ’66 as well as the six-part mini BATMAN ’66 MEETS the GREEN HORNET. Mr. Templeton is also an instructor with his own boot camp for artists.


Richard Comely, the creator of Captain Canuck, and now Editor-in-Chief of Chapter House Publishing attended. He has been frequent for the last two years. I missed him this time around since I stepped out for a lunch date.

Fresh face Jim Zub passed me by 🙂 Mr. Zubkavich has plenty on his plate. His prolific nature touches upon Figment 2, Samurai Jack, Wayward, and more. He’s all across the board!! He is also a founding member of Udon Entertainment. I have not yet been formally introduced. I’ll have to catch him at Toronto Comicon or FANeXpo.

RB White came back in the fold. His pin-up art is always a top seller.


Richard Pace also returned. He loves hamming it up for the camera. He and RB are bosom buddies. I must make time to speak more with him in the near future. I recall him telling me that he was doing the interior art for the last two issues of BLOODTHIRSTY: ONE NATION UNDER WATER. The last issue is a bit delayed. That’ll give me a chance to review it 😉


At least three Mississauga residents firmly planted their behinds and furiously went to work. One is brand new to this distinguished establishment. More on him is a bit ;-P

Andrew Thomas, co-creator of AURIC of the GREAT WHITE NORTH, has successfully gained funds from Kickstarter to release the first issue of this on-going series. I had the pleasure to read the zero issue last May. I’m dying to get my hands on number one. I also promised Mr. Thomas to review the book and interview him as well as his collaborators. Mr. Thomas has some history with Gotham Central: he is a customer and former employee. Oops! Did I say that out loud?! In all seriousness, I’m delighted that Andrew was able to gain funds to promote his creator-owned work.

AURIC of the GREAT WHITE NORTH #1 two covers

Stephany Lein felt so comfortable with her first visit that she couldn’t help but come back 😀 Every one of these artists is extremely accomplished. Since I first met her at MCX, she has inked “Sawchuck”, a story for EPIC CANADIANA #2 released in December, and had copies of the ashcan for her own series STRAYS, set to debut at FANeXpo 2016!! Ms. Lein is a huge WW fan. In fact, she rivals me!! We may have to fight over merch ^_^ She gladly sketches and colours upon request. Her many talents include knitting and cooking. For all her amazing abilities, click here.


Adam Gorham is the latest addition to the GC crew!! I’ll try to be as unbiased as possible. I was jumping for joy!!! I reached out to him immediately after The VIOLENT hit the shelves last month. I was hoping to talk with him before the end of the year but our schedules did not permit it. I monopolized most of my time his time. Soft-spoken, accommodating, and super-friendly!! Check out his new Image title. Mr. Gorham puts his pencils on other publishers’ papers. *gasp* I really must discover what’s next on his docket!


Young and budding Torontonian artist Michał Espinosa always has a smile on his face and a pleasant disposition. He never turns away anyone and loves to chew the fat. He informed me that he also has something in the works to be unveiled at FANeXpo.


Hugh Rookwood, the tower of power and sole proprietor of Chozen Studios was right by the entrance. You couldn’t miss him if you tried! This man is going places!!


The final addition to this roster came from a bit farther away: Dan Hammond of Fergus, Ontario. Say the name of the town with your best Scottish accent ^_^ I wonder if there was some psychology in play by placing him next to Hugh Rockwood. This man is a giant in his own right!! Mr. Hammond had copies of the CAPTAIN CANUCK #4 variant on hand. It is his first professional comic work. Everyone has gotta start somewhere >_<



I always have to be in the thick of things ^_^


There you have it, fellow followers!! Gotham Central has two more special events back-to-back. Hint: they’re both Canadian content. One is a mystically enhanced warrior; the other has questionable citizenship, can’t keep his mouth shut, and is certifiably nuts!! Guess who??

[Panoramic photo credit: Nicholas R. Lukic, co-creator of LOATHE]

Drop by, everybody!! Don’t be shy. This is the abso best place to be!!!

Gotham Central ad 2015 feat. Deadpool