Don’t Go Out at Night on Bonehill Road


I am writing this on Halloween October 31st, 2018 and while people are trying to figure out what to watch I have my work cut out for me. Wild Eye Releasing has sent me some great films to watch and out of the four that they sent me I immediately grabbed Bonehill Road. However, is this a film that you are going to want to watch or should you just tune in and watch the Great Pumpkin Charlie Brown?

Bonehill Road starts out in a house where a mother and her daughter live in an abusive relationship. Emily and Eden Stevens are verbally and physically abused in a household where the husband goes off on his wife at the drop of a hat. Emily has had enough and knocks her husband cold and makes a run for the car. Mother and daughter barely escape the house as they run trying to figure out where to go. Emily finally calls her father and he tells him to come over to his place so they can sort things out and hopefully start a new life. The only problem is that it would be around midnight when they would reach him and he lives off of Bonehill Road. As they make their way there stopping briefly they notice something that lurks on the periphery of their vision. Something that they cannot make out. They think it is a bear and and they are spooked out by this thing and they take off as the car is attacked! One of the rear tires is slashed as if by a wild animal and the car crashes as the real culprit steps out of the shadows.


What happens next is that they flee to a nearby house so they can find sanctuary. However, they find none as the person that inhabits this house is a serial killer and overpowers both Emily and Eden. Not to give any more away but I can safely tell you that this is an amazing movie as everything that is done in this movie is done traditionally. There is no CGI as the effects that are used in the film are practical effects and that makes me smile. They could have went the easy route and used some crappy CGI but this film is like everything else and they take their time telling a great story and having great creatures and effects.

This disc has only two special features one of them being a trailer for an upcoming film called Sheborg. This film looks amazing and I cannot wait to see it in it’s entirety. The other feature is a making of the movie and it is filled with interviews with the cast and crew behind the scenes of this great film.

If you are a fan of werewolf movies then you need to give Bonehill Road a try and make sure you watch the after credits sequence as it is also enjoyabe. For more information on this and other titles head over to and get ready to see what is on Bonehill Road.