Get Ready for Tricks and Treats in Die Kitty Die’s Halloween Special


The season where leaves start to change colors, the nights start to get shorter and an eerie dread can be felt from everywhere. This is the season of Halloween and the folks over at Chapterhouse have released a new special entitled Die Kitty Die Halloween Special 2018.

This book has five stories as well as a bunch of pinups that will get you in the mood for this season. The art style reminds me much of the Archies or Casper the Friendly ghost as some of the stories are actually takes on movies. For example there is one tale called “The Boy Story” which is similar to the movie “The Boy” about a doll who might be alive. These are lighthearted and fun tales with a smidge of the macabre thrown in for good measure.

The art for this book is done by a variety of talented artists such as Glenn Whitmore, Janice Chiang and Rich Koslowski as well as Tony White. The first three also did the scripts for the book as well making this a perfect book to curl up with on a dark and stormy night.

If you love things that go bump in the night you need to check out this Halloween special featuring Kitty and all of her friends. For more information on this and other books head over to and get ready to be spooked by this Halloween special.