Death Stranding PC Port Delayed

Unfortunate news for those of you who have been waiting for Death Stranding to land on PC. The game has been delayed to release a month later than initially proposed. Originally the game has was meant to be dropped June 2nd, but is not getting ready to come out July 14th.

The obvious culprit for this is COVID 19, as Kojima Productions was made to send home their employees’ mid-march due to one of them testing positive. Obviously working from home has slowed down production some, but it’s an understandable delay.

Kojima already released an apology tweet about it the decision but made sure to stress that the decision was made due to work at home orders and the difficulties that it has brought. Personally I’m just happy they are still working on it at all, so another month won’t hurt me at all.

That said, between this and the Last of Us getting delayed my COVID self-isolation time is feeling longer and longer friends. Any suggestions for games that will help pass the time?