Apparent Account Breaches On Nintendo Switch Systems

We are all stressed enough lately as it is, for obvious reasons. To add to your ongoing concerns is this annoying little tidbit to your day. According to Eurogamer, Nintendo is looking into reports that have claimed Nintendo Switch account hacks.

Users have reported on social media that they have experienced a multitude of account breaches, their email accounts logging in that someone has tried to access their accounts multiple times or have successfully done so. Some users have reported individuals purchasing things like Fornite V-Bucks and the like.

While Nintendo looks into the issue they have stated that they are “aware of the reports of unauthorized access…and we are investigating the situation”. In regards to users who are worried about their own accounts, perhaps removing their credit card information is the way to go currently. Though Nintendo stated that they advise a simple two-step authentication process to help the issues being seen currently.

So take a moment out of your day Switch users and make sure your account is okay and protected! No need to lose money when some of us just aren’t lucky enough to be working in the current climate anyways.