Hyper Light Drifter


Hyper Light Drifter
Platform: PC, PS4, Xbox One, Wii U
Developer: Heart Machine
Release date: TBA 2016
Author: S.A.

Nostalgia is in the air folks and our people over at Heart machine, a Kick Starter developer, are concentrating this energy into what appears to be old school gaming bliss. The upcoming game, Hyper Light Drifter, seems to be nostalgia given physical form and has been considered a combination of The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past and Diablo.

HLD_Screenshot_BETA_entranceIs this a dungeon? I think it’s a dungeon. Joy.

The game is pixelated in what appears to be a 16 bit world, and stars our one and seemingly only character, the Drifter. The Drifter seems blessed with access to technology that surpasses anything that current inhabitants of the world can currently conjure up, yet can’t seem to enjoy his technological bliss. Instead he must scour the ruins of ancient civilizations in the attempt to find a cure for an illness that plagues him. This story is an homage to the games lead developer Alex Preston and his own heart disease, though Preston himself states that animated classic Nausicaa of the Valley of The Wind also held huge inspiration for the games world.


We are equipped with an energy sword at the beginning of the game, but can gain access to a plethora of different weapons and abilities. However many of these abilities will require rare energy sources that must be found in your travels, so make sure you are exploring thoroughly or run this risk of having useless items. The types of weapons available to us will be stereotypical of any role playing game, giving us access to area wide destruction techniques, close range abilities, and long range guns. That said, the monsters you face are suppose to be increasingly difficult as you progress in the game, not only in quantity but quality as well. With that in mind, the way through which you use the skill available to you is pivotal in your on going success.

F4d9CeKShoot em Once, Shoot em Twice. Shoot till their all dead.

It has been reported that the game will progress with zero dialogue, and will use it’s audio and visual components to masterful affect to have gamers engaged in the story. If anyone has played Journey for the Ps4 recently, it’s easy to imagine how successful such an endeavour can be. In all honestly I’m crossing my fingers on this game and hoping for a 2d adventure that will make it feel like I’m coming home.

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