Cowabunga! TMNT and Other Strangness Is Live on Kickstarter!


A few days ago I mentioned that Palladium books are bringing back the classic TMNT and Other Strangeness. Now the kickstarter is live and you can go see it here: 

So why is this a big deal in the first place? Well, seeing as this was one of my first Palladium RPG’s and followed the original comics to the letter it was amazing. You could play in the world of TMNT either by playing as those iconic shell heads or making your own characters. Each of the characters starts from selecting one of the many animal options and going from there. You can choose to be a streetwise sea otter or a cunning cougar. The amount of options is astounding and limited to your own imagination!

So the campaign is for two hardcover books that will collect most of the original material that was released. Book one will have the core rules along with two adventures that were released which were Truckin’ Turles and Turtles go Hollywood. The second volume has the Transdimensional TMNT along with Guide to the Universe and TMNT adventures. Each of these volumes are going to have various covers ranging from the classic covers to new art by Sophie Campbell, Freddie E. Williams II  and of course Kevin Eastman!

There are a TON of Kickstarter exclusives that are going to be available as well including dice sets (all four turtles in resin and a METAL shredder set!), a dice tray and tower, a mat when rolled up looks like a TCRI container and MINIATURES! That’s right folks! For the first time in AGES you can get the minis that were produced when the game came out and have been unavailable for a long time. There are a lot of stretch goals for this project and you need to go ahead and jump in on this to get some of these unlocked. Right now they’re working towards unlocking not only a Fugatoid miniature but source material that will be put in the Transdimensioanl TMNT book as well! And you can get both of these books for LESS than what is going to cost at retail which is $60!

So if you want to get totally radical head over to and get ready to go on your own adventures with your own animals. Cowabunga!