Visual Kung-Fu Graphic Novel Shuyan Saga Now Available On Android

For Immediate Release — November 8, 2018, Toronto, Canada

Lofty Sky Entertainment proudly announces the release of Shuyan Saga for Android on the Google Play Store at $2.99/ 2,69€.

Shuyan Saga is an immersive interactive story inspired by ancient Chinese lore and mythology. Embark on a journey with Chinese princess, Shuyan, in this Kung-Fu graphic novel starring Kristen Kreuk (Smallville, Beauty and the Beast) and hand drawn by Daxiong (Dark Horse, DC). 3D action combat scenes come alive throughout the story for an unforgettable Kung-Fu experience.

Shuyan is a princess of the Chinese imperial family who loses everything to the Guer invasion. To save her people, she must become a powerful Kung-Fu warrior, yet only a pure heart can bring miracles into the human realm. What will it take? And who is the real enemy? Success is not what Shuyan perceived it to be. The story revolves around the Five Kingdoms, all built on the foundations of Kung-Fu. Every kingdom has unique values and cultures, which have originated from the nation’s Kung-Fu system.

It really started with a single question,” says Judith Cheung, Marketing Manager at Lofty Sky Entertainment, “at the studio we had team members who had studied martial arts, they all said their experience of learning martial arts was different from what they experienced in games and popular media. When we see Kung-Fu or martial arts it often seems to be about the fighting, but in learning Kung-Fu, the emphasis is often much more on self-restraint, character refinement, etc. We asked if it was possible to create a digital game that captured more of that cultivation experience, rather than just the head-bashing. That question got us started on this path.

Through the story, players will discover more than 1,400 beautiful illustrated panels produced hand-drawn by one of the top Asian comic artist Daxiong (Justice League (DC), Star Wars, Dark Horse). The game also features 3D action combat scenes that pause the flow and bring action into the mix and the ability to control the narrative through player choices.

Players embark on a life-changing journey as Shuyan becomes a true disciple of Kung-Fu to stop the evil Guer horde from destroying the Five Kingdoms!

Shuyan Saga is already available on Steam, iOS and now on Android!