Try to Catch the Train to Busan Steelbook


Right now zombies have been the focus of attention from comics, books, video games and of course television and movies. However, there has been a saturation of the market and it makes it harder and harder to separate a good zombie movie from a mediocre one. FYE has released a new Train to Busan steelbook but is this a train that you will want to catch?

If you haven’t seen Train to Busan I will say that it is a most original film. The film starts with Seok-woo who is a fund manager for a big corporation and is doing pretty well for himself and provides his daughter Su-an with everything that she needs. However, Seok-woo is divorced and the only thing that her daughter wants for her birthday is to go to Busan to see her mother. Boarding a KTX train out of Seoul station people on the train start to realize that something is wrong. A convulsing woman who boards the train has a bitemark on her leg. She doesn’t last long, turns into a zombie and bites an attendant that is trying to help her. The virus starts to spread throughout the train and if you were wondering or hoping no…these are not the slow zombies that you have seen in other movies. These zombies are fast and they are vicious enough as they will do anything to have the taste of flesh in their mouth. The film is actually a masterpiece of cinema and brings in new life to the zombie genre so it is definitely worth a watch.

The packaging is amazing as well. The cover has the main protagonist, Seok-woo fending off a zombie by jamming a book in his mouth. The rear of the steelbook has a silhouette of two people walking through a train tunnel. The interior is bathed in a sickly green tint and has two close up images of zombies from the neck up. If this packaging doesn’t get you in the mood to see this movie nothing will!

There are some special features on this version of the movie however, it is limited in scope. That’s a wrap shows some of the main characters in the film saying goodbye to the cast and crew who worked tirelessly on this film. You also go Behind the Scenes to see how this movie was made from the ground up. Also, you can watch this movie in English as it has a separate track but the best way to experience it is in Korean with English subtitles as it delivers the most authentic experience. There is also a trailer for the film included on the disc as well and while this film is going to be remade in the US you need to check out the original first.

With a great story and excellent effects it is a no brainer that you should catch this Train to Busan. If you wanted to snag a copy for that special someone or better yet for yourself you can do so here . And don’t forget to go to for more exclusive movies and merchandise and get ready to go for a ride on this train.