Toy Fair 2018 Recap


Deep within the heart of the Jacob Javits Convention Center toy companies converged for Toy Fair 2018 to show off their latest wares for the upcoming 2018-2019 season. Here are some of the great offerings from some of the major players in the industry.


The strong ties that Hasbro has with Marvel has allowed them to make such great figures based off of their traditional Legends line. One of the new offerings are a line of 12” figures that range from Red Skull and Iron Man to two packs of Tony Stark and the Mark I Iron Man and Ant Man and Yellowjacket. There is also an addition to the Legends line called Marvel Legends Riders and one of the initial offerings is going to be Wolverine on a motorcycle. The last update to the Marvel Legends line has to be two new lines with buildable figures. We are getting a line where you can collect the parts to build the Lizard, the classic Spiderman villain. But the other line is going to be amazing as not only you can create the Sasquatch which not only has iconic heroes like Cable and Domino but also the classic Deathlok!

Another giant line that Hasbro produces is Star Wars and there is no shortage of new products coming for that series. From an introduction of characters new and old through the Black Series which will include characters from Rebels and the up and coming Han Solo movie but also classic characters as well! In fact we are getting a black series of Astromech droids which will consist of R2-X2, R5-D8, and R2-D2 and he will have a weathered exterior. The BIGGEST announcement has to from Haslab as they are trying to raise enough funds to produce Jabba’s Sail Barge in painstaking detail. This massive vehicle is four feet long and will have rooms that were crafted for the fans such as a cockpit and a kitchen. This will come with a Jabba the Hutt figure as well but you need to act quickly as if they do not hit their goal by April 3rd this will never be made. Register at for your chance to own history.



One of the biggest companies that has produced tons of great figures that perpetuate every level of pop culture is Funko Pop. One of their most notable lines has to be from the up and coming movie Ready Player One. Funko has quite a few Ready Player One offerings including replicas of the keys that were used in the movie to action figures from some of the main characters in the film. Another series getting the Pop treatment is Jurassic Park. They are coming out with a bunch of figures from the original film including the dinosaurs!

One of the biggest surprises was a massive edition to Funko’s Savage World line. Funko is going to be releasing classic horror figures done in a way that you have not seen before. Freddy Krueger, Jason and Leatherface are designed in a more medieval / gladiator type style as their iconic weapons and props are presented in a new way. The other line we are getting is Thundercats (and I am a BIG fan of this) as we will be getting Panthro, Lion-O, Cheetara and Mumm-ra as well as Slythe and his cronies. Also, along the success of the Conan series we will be getting a line of figures in that vein as well! With this and other great releases coming from this heavy hitter Funko is going to be the one to watch in 2018.



Neca has brought the thunder as they had some great licenses on display at their booth at Toyfair. First there were releases based off some of the great video games out there which are Aliens Vs Predator and Team Fortress 2 figures. The figures look vibrant and amazing as we are not only getting aliens and predators from the game but Dutch and Linn as well! The two humans from the AVP video game look amazing as I definitely want to have these figures on display at my house. The Team Fortress 2 video game figures look on model as we are getting the spy, sniper, scout, engineer and doctor with more to come. Also, we are getting some figures from Portal and Gordon Freeman from Half Life 2 as well and they look amazing!

Horror has been a focus for some time for NECA and this year they are releasing some of the iconic characters from the silver screen. We are getting a line of action figures based on the movies of Guillermo Del Toro. The first two properties are going to be from his feature The Devil’s Backbone which is the ghost of a young boy next to a bomb. The other is Pan’s Labyrinth as we are getting Pan and the Pale Man along with his throne. These figures look absolutely amazing. But the line I am actually really excited for is their Retro line which is not only going to have a few incarnations of Freddy from Nightmare on Elm Street but it is also going to have Herbert West! Yes, you heard right! We are getting a Herbert West from Re-animator action figure and it looks amazing as it has the dead cat as one of the props!


Quantum Mechanix

We have seen a lot from this great company and let me just say that they did not fail to disappoint at this year’s Toy Fair. The QMx Master series are going to see a massive upgrade as we are not only getting toys from Supernatural and the Princess Bride but, we are getting a Pennywise from the new movie IT! This figure looks astounding as the attention to detail makes it looks so sinister that my roommate has said he’d burn it if I brought it into my house! We are also getting additions to the Star Trek line as we are going to see the Star Trek II versions of Khan, Kirk and Spock as well as original series versions of some of the cast. Also, look out for Next Generation figures such as Jean Luc Picard and Data.

The Q-Figs line are getting upgrades to four lines which are Warner Brothers, DC, Marvel and Harry Potter. The DC line includes Joker, Penguin, Superman and Batman along with others that are already available. Warner Brothers has two entries which are Pinky and the Brain and Goodfeathers and they both look amazing and Pinky and the Brain is available now. The Harry Potter line will be getting more figures including Hermione and Harry Potter on a broomstick and the gigantic Hagrid on his motorcycle. And last but not least Marvel has some great figures coming out including Venom, Deadpool with a bunch of unicorns and a giant diorama that fits the gigantic Hulk vs Thor from the recent Thor Ragnarok movie!


McFarlane Toys

One of the top producers of collectible toys out there has a few new offerings for the 2018 season. I previously covered that they are showing off their initial two figures from the Call of Duty line. These look amazing however, these are not the only line of videogame figures we are getting from McFarlane. They are going to be producing a line of figures based off the game Destiny and they look as if they lept off the screen and into the real world! Hello Neighbor! Is also getting the toy treatment as there are going to be figures based on the sinister Neighbor and the kid as well as sets for the Neighbor’s house!

Stranger Things has been a hit with two seasons on NetFlix and we are now getting a massive line of figures from McFarlane Toys! You have all the main characters including the boys dressed up as Ghostbusters from Season 2! There is also going to be a figure of the Demogorgon and a two pack of figures featuring Dustin and Dart from Season 2. If you are a fan of the show you are going to want to see these figures when they come out!

The Walking Dead has been a staple for McFarlane Toys for quite some time and they are releasing some new figures in the coming year. We are getting a killer 3 pack of Rick, Daryl and Jesus from the television series that are all 5” each and look amazing. Also in the works is a 7” of a few figures such as Rick, Negan, Prisoner Daryl (wearing a t-shirt) and King Ezekiel. However, the biggest surprise has to be that we are getting 10” deluxe figures! Yes, you heard right! We are getting a 10” Rick and Negan so you can wage an all out war!

And that’s some of the highlights from Toy Fair 2018. What toys are you excited for in the coming year? Let us know!