Toronto After Dark Review: Wyrmwood

wyrmwood5 copyAfter a random meteor passes over the earth one night, many are horrified to discover that their friends and neighbours have been turned into flesh eating zombies. Unable to figure out why some have turned and others have not, chaos erupts all over. Is it something in the air? Or is it a sign that the end of days is near? After witnessing his wife and daughter turn into these monstrosities, Barry (Jay Gallagher) sets out to find his sister Brook (Bianca Bradey) who is also on the run from these creatures. Along the way Barry meets Benny (Leon Burchill), a fellow survivor who agrees to help Barry on his quest. Little do the men know that Brook has been kidnapped by men who claim to be from the army, but seem to have a sinister motive. Held captive by a twisted doctor who is conducting tests on zombies, Brook must fight for her life if she hopes to survive both the doctor and the swarm of zombies roaming the land.

Just when you think that the zombie genre has run its course along comes a film that gives it a much needed shot of adrenaline. Wyrmwood is exactly that type of film. While it may not carry the social commentary that is found in other films of its ilk, there is no denying that the film is pure fun. Playing like a zombie film that has been infused with a good dose of Mad Max, Wyrmwood is an action packed film that takes glee from its own madness. Along with the mad scientist tropes, the film features everything from high powered harpoons to dystopian type vehicles that run on zombie gas. Bringing a fresh take to the genre, director Kiah Roache-Turner does a good job of finding inventive ways to rework traditional zombie lore. Featuring strong performances by Gallagher and Bradey, and a slew of heart-pumping action sequences, Wyrmwood is wildly entertaining film that is not to be missed.