Top 10 Rogues Galleries in Comics: #2 Batman

We have heard the phrase every hero needs a villain but there are some heroes that have a higher caliber of villains than others. So, who in both the DC and Marvel universes have the best villains? We’ve collected a list of the top ten rogues’ galleries in comics today and our list continues with Batman at number 2.

#2: Batman

It’s difficult to find a more impressive collection of rogues than Batman’s as most of these villains are household names.

From the murderous Killer Croc who prowls the sewers in search of his next meal to the fearsome Man Bat that soars through the skies of Gotham. There is also Catwoman and this thief sets her sights on stealing whatever she wants – including the Batman’s heart.

One of my favorite characters has to be Harvey Dent aka Two Face as he started off his noble pursuits by trying to bring down crime. However, because of an unfortunate chemical accident he was transformed into a maniacal villain and the fact you live or die with the flip of a coin seems so random and evil to me. Scarecrow, Poison Ivy, Mr. Freeze, Penguin and Riddler are known to folks who aren’t fans of the comics or movies.

But of course, the biggest enemy that the Batman has ever faced has to be the Joker along with his sidekick Harley Quinn. The Clown Prince of Crime knows no boundaries as he will stop at nothing to bring Batman to his knees and has already killed Robin in a controversial issue. Harley Quinn is often looked upon as a sidekick however; she is not to be taken lightly as she will cut you in half with a smile on her face.

Tune in tomorrow for our pick for number 1 on Comix Asylum’s list of the Top 10 Rogues Galleries in Comics.