The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt


The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt Review
Platform: PC, Xbox One, PS4
Developer: CD Projekt RED
Publisher: CD Projekt RED
Author: S.A.

Here lay’s the remains of one of the most awaited games of the 2015 year, The Witcher 3 by Projekt RED. In my effort to be fully honest with you readers, let it be said that this game is only for those of us who want to thoroughly enjoy a game, and have hours upon hours of game play to rip through. If you’re looking for something else you should likely turn around right here, for this game is only for those of us who truly appreciate open world gaming and an enriching story.

The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt is a game that is massive in nature, especially in comparison to its predecessors. It totes a world that is at least 30 times larger than previous Witcher games and requires players to use a combination of sailing and horseback riding to reach various destinations. That said, don’t worry lazy gamers, fast travel options will be available to you as well within the game. The quests available to us inside the game are seemingly never ending, and often have me planning which section of the map I wish to visit in my attempt to clear out each section thoroughly. Take note however that our actions within the game and quests affect the world we live in. I say this so that some of you don’t go on a killing spree without thinking through what the consequences might be.

Yes GTA players, I’m looking at you.

The combat system centers on the use of magic, and an action role playing system. So polish those sword fighting skills. If that wasn’t enough to interest you, their are new mechanics introduced into the game that previous Witcher’s didn’t have that might perk you interest. Abilities such as Witcher sense, combat on horse back, and even swimming under water. If those abilities don’t do it for you, item creation has made a return and is just as fun as ever. An interesting function of the game, and one really worth applauding, lies in the day and night system. This is because it has a real effect on game dynamics and it affects monsters capabilities much like it would in their mythology.

1371178393-some-creatures-will-be-more-prone-to-inflammation-than-others-the-igni-singn-works-perfectly-on-the-fiendThat fire spell really just looks like it made it mad…

The story starts with Geralt of Rivia, our favourite Witcher, and his search for the sorceress Yennefer of Vengerberg, his lover. She has disappeared though due to her wish to avoid the fighting that has been occurring with the warring nations of Nilfgaard and Redania. Our search is rewarded very soon when Yennefer reveals herself to Geralt, while in the company of a Nilfgaardian honor guard. It seems that Yennefer seems to be working for the King, who wishes to seek Geralts aid in finding his wayward daughter Ciri. Finding one girl normally wouldn’t be such a momentous task, but Ciri contains Elder blood, a remnant of a bygone age of Elves which bestows upon her the ability to manipulate time and space. If that wasn’t enough, the Wild Hunt, which is an army of spectral elves that will kill anything in their path, want Ciri for their own purposes. Despite the severity of the task Geralt agrees, not for the benefit of the King, but rather because he himself has adopted Ciri as his own ward and will risk all to find her.

ciri_in_the_witcher_3_wild_hunt-wideDon’t think that Ciri is a damsel in distress…she has more than a view tricks up her sleeve.

Let’s not forget about the graphics for this game, which are beautifully rendered, and often have you enjoying the landscape almost as much as the game play itself. With this fact, combined with its fun game dynamics, It actually seems like The Witcher has it all. But what do I know? Go check it out and let me know what you think!

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