Sin City 2a copy

Sin City 2: A Dame to Kill For, the highly anticipated sequel to 2005s Sin City, Robert Rodriguez and Frank Miller direct a script co-written by them and primarily based on the second book in the Sin City series by Miller. Four plots run through this story. In “A Dame to Kill For”, Dwight McCarthy (Josh Brolin) is summoned by former lover, Ava Lord (Eva Green), who wants his help to escape her abusive husband, billionaire Damien Lord (Marton Csokas) in this story set years before “The Big Fat Kill” which starred Clive Owen as Dwight sporting a new face courtesy of plastic surgery. In “Just Another Saturday Night”, Marv (Mickey Rourke) regains consciousness on the same night John Hartigan meets Nancy in “That Yellow Bastard.” Surrounded by dead young men on a highway overlooking the Projects, he is unable to remember how he got there. “The Long Bad Night”, an original story, sees Johnny (Joseph Gordon-Levitt), a cocky gambler, and Marcy (Julia Garner), a young stripper, on a mission to beat Sin City’s biggest villain at his own game. “The Fat Loss”, follows Nancy Callahan (Jessica Alba) struggling to cope with John Hartigan’s (Bruce Willis) death and seeks to avenge him by killing Senator Roark (Powers Boothe).

Brittany Murphy and Michael Clarke Duncan passed away in between the first film’s release and production of the second; Rodriguez was forced to recast the respective roles of Shellie and Manute (Dennis Haysbert) respectively. William Monahan, who also wrote Kingdom of Heaven, The Departed, Body of Lies, Edge of Darkness, and Oblivion, was brought in to add the finishing touches of Miller’s screenplay. The first Sin City was a commercial and critical success, and all points lead to A Dame to Kill For capturing lightning in a bottle a second time.

Sin City 2: A Dame to Kill For opens in theaters August 22, 2014