Scott Pilgrim vs the World Gets a FYE Steelbook Release

One of the films I actually was excited for and watched in the theater was Scott Pilgrim vs. The World. I had heard of the books from Bryan Lee ‘O Malley who had done a series of comics chronicling the exploits of Mr. Pilgrim. Now the folks over at FYE have released a steelbook version of this iconic movie but is this a version you will want to get?

First lets go over the packaging as the front of the steelbook has a collection of characters that were in the movie done by the original artist. This looks amazing as you will recognize some of the characters right away as the back cover has the neck of a guitar with several x’s carved into it. The interior is the several evil ex’s themselves ranked from 1 to 7 with each of them standing under their numbered spot. This is an amazing job by the packaging department and this alone will stand out on your shelf of blu-rays.

For those that haven’t seen the film it starts out with the main character Scott Pilgrim (played by Michael Cera) who finds out about a girl that recently moved to his town. Her name is Ramona Flowers and he is smitten at the moment he sees her. However, there is a catch as if he is to win her hand Scott will have to destroy seven of her evil ex boyfriends. Not to mention that Scott is also in a band where they are trying to win the Battle of the Bands making his life more complicated. What happens next is just an amazing movie that is not only fun to watch but has a great soundtrack as well!

After the movie is done there are more special features than you can shake a stick at to keep you entertained for hours. There is a bloopers section which is always fun to watch as you can see your favorite actors screwing up their lines either on accident (or on purpose?) Deleted Scenes, Alternative Footage as well as a Music Featurette & some music videos are also included. But the one thing that I love is that they have the Adult Swim : Scott Pilgrim Vs. The Animation. This was an amazing piece of animation that shows some of the shenanigans that Scott Pilgrim can get into. And this just scratches the surface of some of the features on this blu-ray disc.

If you loved this movie or you are just finding out about it for the first time do yourself a favor and find your local FYE store or order it online at And get ready to go up against several evil ex’s.