Google Enters the Gaming Space with Google Stadia


People use the platform every day whether you know it or not. From using the search engine or YouTube or something else you are probably using something that is run by Google. Now they want to go ahead and jump into the gaming space and frankly I have to say that I am very wary and there is a reason for this.

This is all based on streaming. Meaning you have to be connected to the internet to access and play on this service. And because of this you can switch on the fly between anything that has an internet connection. You can start playing a game on your phone and then switch over to a laptop and then over to the TV if you wanted to. All of this can be done with controllers you either already own or it can be done with a controller you can purchase directly from Google.

Now there are a few unanswered questions at the time of this annoucement such as you can stream these games but will you be able to download them as well? What are the internet requirements to run these at the various levels? How will the controllers from exisiting consoles mesh into the app and how much is this going to cost? Right now we have no word on any of these questions however, the video that premiered at GDC 2019 was impressive and you should watch the entire video to get a grasp of what is possible.

What do you think about Google Stadia? Do you think that Google will go ahead and make a great splash in the gaming market? Or will this fizzle out faster than the Ouya? Let us know as we love to know what you think!