Go Wireless with the Logitech G933 Headset



These are the bane of any gaming experience whether it be for a keyboard, mouse or even a headset. One of the problems I have always had with headsets is that the cord is always short and always gets pulled out from the computer in a heated gaming session. Now the folks over at Logitech have created a new wireless experience called the G933 Artemis but is this a headset you would like to own?

Everything you need to get started is included inside the box as you will get the headset, custom tags, cables (3.5mm , RCA, USB Charging, USB Powered Wireless Mix Adapter) and documentation. The headphones are both lightweight and very comfortable to wear for extended periods of gaming. The sound is the most important feature of these headphones as these will deliver 7.1 surround sound via either the Dolby Headphone / DTS Headphone: X features. The sound is amazing as you will feel every thump of the bass and you can control the headphones through a variety of preconfigured sets through the G Hub program. The battery that is onboard will give you around 8 hours of gaming time with the LED lights in default mode (which drops to 6 if you use a pattern). However, you can turn off the lights completely and this will give at least 12 hours of wireless enjoyment! Also, I have to say that these 2.4ghz wireless headphones have an insane amount of range. I live in a decent sized house and I was not only in my kitchen which is where my computer is but was on the other side of the house and DID NOT have a drop in signal! This also comes with a noise cancelling mic as well so you can talk to your teammates or just talk on skype with friends and family. One of the best parts about this piece of hardware is that you can use this wired or wireless across a myriad of devices. You can use this headset with the PC as well as the Switch, PS4 or even the Xbox One! So imagine using this headset across all these devices you own and experiencing killer sound no matter what device you were on.

There are a few downsides as well to this and the first has to be the battery. Granted it does give you a bit of performance however, if the sound shuts off after inactivity (from 1 minute and it goes up from there) and you still have it on it will STILL drain the battery. You need to be mindful and shut the headphones off after each use or you might come back to find that your headset is completely drained. Another problem I had was the setup as I did exactly as they stated on the instructions and nothing happened. I had to do some research and found a work around to the problem and as I did that the drivers started installing right away. Also, you need to make sure that you have the current version of logitech’s software installed. I had a previous version of G Hub installed and it did not like it when I tried to play The Division 2 as the sound cut out after two seconds. However, after I installed the latest version of the game everything seemed to run fine and I had crystal clear sound again.

If you have a few gaming consoles in your house as well as a PC and you are looking for a great pair of wireless headphones look no further than the G933 Artemis headset. For more information on this and other great devices head over to www.logitech.com and get ready to experience sound without those bothersome cords.